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Your daily horoscope: April 5

It's a money-making day for Scorpio

By ELLE team  April 5th, 2018

Your daily horoscope for April 5 is here and communications seem to be getting better after a tough week. If your star sign is Capricorn, it is the perfect time for you to enjoy a day to yourself, so we suggest you get that long overdue staycation right now. Meanwhile, the charts seem to be lighting the Libran’s ability to charm everyone with their personality, and it looks like a great day for Scorpio to make some extra money with the stars in their favour.

With what looks like an adventurous day for all the star signs, we suggest you read your daily horoscope to know what you are in for.

The Moon is in your social zone right now – this is the part of your horoscope you tend to lavish loads of love on. No matter what's going on in your life at the moment, this is a good time to connect and reflect on your ties to your friends, colleagues and your tribe-at-large – the people that you share values and goals with. 

The Moon is in your career zone today, so focus on aiming your professional sights sky-high. If you can dream it you can do it right now, Pisces. The stars are showering you with insight and opportunity and it's all about making a huge impact on the world. See and be seen. 

The Moon is in your adventure zone and you're totally feeling the wild child vibe right now, Aries. The last few days have been pretty stressful so it's no surprise that you're about to burst, and now is the perfect moment to let it all go. Throw cosmic caution to the wind and have a damn good time. 


With the Moon in Sagittarius just before the weekend, you can totally up the ante on intimacy right now. There is luscious lunar energy moving through your house of sex and transformation, so you're in the mood to be in the mood – if you haven't already been in the mood for days already. 

Your ruling luminary is shining her light on your house of work today, Cancer. This can bring you much productivity and creativity, and help you to cover all your bases before the weekend. It always helps to have a to-do list, but just know that you're a master multi-tasker at the moment as well.

The Moon is in Sagittarius, your hot-to-trot sister fire sign. This lights you up with love and lust, and a whopping side order of healthy creativity. Yes, Leo, the energy is fierce and you are more than fierce enough to own every single bit of it. 

The Moon is in your house of home and family today, Virgo. This can deepen your reflection on your own inner life and your connection to the people that know you best – not just blood relatives, but even close friends that feel more like your actual family. 

With the Moon in your communication zone today, the stars are lighting up your ability to think, talk and text with charm and relaxed aplomb. You can say exactly what you mean without dancing around it and worrying that you're being too harsh. You are both a diplomat and a truth-teller right now.

The Moon is in your money zone today, so if you're thinking a lot about saving, spending, and increasing your income, you're exactly in line with the stars. If your mind has been elsewhere, bring your attention to finances at least for a short time – it will benefit you greatly during the next few weeks. 

The Moon is in your opposite sign again today and that might not be the most motivating thing in the world, Gemini. Your monthly lunar opposition can be a bit exhausting, so if you feel out of sorts it's perfectly normal. Relationships are key right now, so do your best not to take your feelings out on your lover or business partner.


The Moon is in your own wild, fiery, creative and super adventurous sign today. This means that your penchant for taking risks is turned way up, Sagi – you're not content to just do the same old thing. Not only that, but your charms are out of this world at the moment. 

The Moon is in your retreat zone right now, so if you feel a bit less like socializing and a bit more like staying in bed, that's exactly what the stars want too. If you can take any time to simply drift and dream instead of being constantly "on" your body and mind will appreciate the gesture.