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Your daily horoscope: April 9

Happy Monday, Virgo!

By ELLE team  April 9th, 2018

Your daily horoscope for April 9 will fire you up to bring out your A-game this week. Though it looks like a (Mon)day of retreat for Leo, the charts seem to be pressing Gemini towards potential adventure. 

If your star sign is Virgo, you are likely to tick off all the things from your to-do list for today, and create a few others just to keep yourself busy. While others focus on making the most of their #MondayMotivation, Libra will be best suited to indulge in some creativity and romance to give a kick-start to an energetic work week. Read on to know whether it’s time to cut loose from the same old Monday pattern and do something off-routine or get to that check-list of the day and be ahead of the new week.

The Moon is in your quirky, eccentric stars today, Aquarius. This is a great way to start the week, as your peak-energy phase will last few a few lovely days. You're charismatic and possibly a bit manic, so take deep breaths every now and then. Just note that you're being noticed.

Yes, Monday is here, Pisces – but you're ready to go directly back to bed. That's because the Moon is in your retreat zone today and for the next few days. Dreaming is far more enticing than doing for the moment. You'd rather just chill out and focus on your own private thoughts.

Get your freak on today, Aries. With the Moon in your house of groups, friends, and all kinds of fabulous and fun eccentricities, nothing is too weird for you. Your community is extremely important right now, so check in with your IRL and online friends – they have your back.

The Moon moves into your career zone this Monday, which might just be hella convenient. This is just the motivation you need to attack the workweek with fresh eyes. Your ambitions rule your world right now, Taurus, so think big and trust your instincts – they will not lie to you.

The Moon just moved into Aquarius, your sister air sign. This insures that your next few days are full of heightened intellectual activity and potential adventure. You always crave information, but now you also want deep wisdom and insight to match the data sets you've already memorised.

The Moon moves into your house of sex and intimacy early this morning, so the next few days are excellent for getting even closer to someone you love. Even if you're single you might find yourself thinking and talking about the kind of transformative relationships that you know are totally life-changing. 

The Moon is officially in Aquarius, your opposite sign. This is significant because we call it your low-energy phase – you'd probably prefer a retreat than to report to work this Monday morning. You can get through it by breaking your tasks up into manageable chunks – and making time for a nap when you get home. 

Happy Monday, Virgo! It's particularly happy for you because you're likely to be mega-productive today. The Moon is in your house of work and you're raring to finish every single task on your list, and then some. Even when you finish you may create more to-do's just to keep yourself busy.

The Moon moves into Aquarius, your sister air sign, early this morning. This sets you up for a few days of major creativity, romance, and any fun that you can find. Yes, the work week also begins today, but that never stopped you from socialising before, Libra.

With lunar energy pouring into your house of home and family for the next few days, all things domestic are on your mind. This is a great time for cleaning, organising, lightly decorating or just spending time with your closest loved ones. Don't be shy about asking for extra moments with them. 

This is an intense few days for conversations, but in a good way. With the Moon in your communication zone, you are articulate and intensely focused when it comes to talking, texting and thinking. Just know that you're likely to get your foot stuck in your mouth at some point, if you're not careful. 

The Moon is in your money zone as the workweek begins, which is the best possible #MondayMotivation. You were born ambitious but this astro-phase hypes up your ability to set and reach even the most challenging financial goals. If you can dream it, you can do it.