Your friend’s bad mood is affecting your happiness, says study

If spending time with certain people in your life often leaves you feeling drained, then you’re most definitely not alone.

It turns out that emotions really are catching – and that your friend’s bad mood could be affecting your own happiness.

Researchers at the University of Warwick believe that both negative and positive moods are catching, as Stylist reports.

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Apparently, the circle of eligible 20- and 30-something celebrity men is smaller than you’d think, because Swift has dated the same guy as a friend more than once. Gomez and Swift have been friends for years, and both have dated Taylor Lautner. The 1989 singer dated the Scream Queens actor in 2009, eventually writing “Back to December” about the relationship post-breakup; Gomez dated him earlier that same year. Gomez and Swift are, by all accounts, still very close, and Lautner is currently linked to his co-star Billie Lourd.

After analysing data from a major study into US teenagers, the team found that people who have lots of friends suffering from bad moods were more likely to feel low themselves.

Meanwhile, those who had more a upbeat friendship group were likely to feel happier in general.

“Understanding that these components of mood can spread socially suggests that while the primary target of social interventions should be to increase friendships because of its benefits in reducing the risk of depression, a secondary aim could be to reduce spreading of negative mood,” said study co-author Professor Frances Griffiths in the journal Royal Society Open Science.Of course, it’s important to support a friend who is going through a tough time or experiencing problems with their mental health, but if you have a serial moaner in your life then it might be worth cutting back on your catch-ups!

From: ELLE UK 



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