Your Ideal Body Mist Fragrance, According To Your Zodiac Advertisement

Your Ideal Body Mist Fragrance, According To Your Zodiac

Let the stars select your spritz

By Nakiya Fidai  November 18th, 2021

First impressions are essential for making new connections. They should be lasting ones, and your scent, although invisible, is one of the most critical parts of being memorable. Your scent also contributes to your attractiveness. A good fragrance can define your personality in ways you could never think of. It can be stressful to decide which is the best pick for your character with too many options available and a perfume may be limiting in terms of playfulness–so we suggest a body mist. To find out which mist fragrance is perfectly in line with your celestial alignment, swipe through the carousel below!

Aries - Victoria's Secret Tease Dreamer Candy Noir Fragrance Mist
Fearless, adventurous, and not afraid of being a rebel--you need a spicy, dark fragrance that makes you feel wild.
Taurus- Forest Essentials Body Mist - Oudh & Green Tea
Even in the most stressful situations, you're a haven of tranquility. One of the most reliable signs of the Zodiac, a woody scent will complement your stable and grounded self well.
Gemini-DIOR J'adore Body Mist
Indicative of your Zodiac's twin personality type, your dual nature will mirror this composition that brings opposite fragrances together- floral and fruity.
Cancer- Plum BodyLovin' Vanilla Vibes Body Mist
Just like the crab - you're rock solid from the outside but have a soft and sweet interior. The sweet yet bold scent of vanilla will complement your contradictory nature well.
Leo- Skyn Organic Co.'s Pure Rose Water Face & Body Mist
Warm and loving, you think from your heart! What better for your charismatic personality than the all-time charming rose fragrance, classic yet straightforward!
Virgo-  Sol De Janeiro Brazilian Crush Body & Hair Mist
For all you Virgo babies struck with wanderlust, this scent will instantly teleport you to the sultry beaches of Rio de Janeiro. It's a fragrance that everyone loves because it emanates happy vibes.
Libra- Colorbar Love You More Fragrance Mist
Bubbly, peppy and playful. You're obsessed with balance in life, and so the perfect balance of floral and woody notes in this scent will be the best match for you.
Scorpio- The Body Shop Satsuma Body Mist
This fragrance isn't too overwhelming, it has citrus notes and so is slightly different  from the rest, like you, Scorpios.
Sagittarius- Bath and Body Works Japanese Cherry Blossom Mist
Saggis, you're adventurous, spontaneous and a free spirit. You need a fragrance to balance out your impulsive behaviour. Soft notes of cherry blossom and Asian pear are your ideal match.
Capricorn- Deygaa Ylang Ylang Mist
For all you sexy Capricorns out there, the aphrodisiac scent of ylang-ylang will match your personality the best.
Aquarius- SALVATORE FERRAGAMO Incanto Amity Body Mist
Airheads need a refreshing mist to feel their best throughout the day. Plus, the splurge will have you feeling fancy in no time.
Pisces- NUXE Delicious Fragrant Water
This effortless french mist deserves a spot in your wardrobe; it will complement your chic, Parisian style well.