Decoding your June 2018 horoscope, according to your zodiac sign Advertisement

Decoding your June 2018 horoscope, according to your zodiac sign

How to channelise your energies this month

By Ashtar Tashi  June 1st, 2018

Your June 2018 horoscope is full of promise and opportunities to connect with your immediate family, friends and people we love most. Ashtar Tashi, spiritual guide and psychic, says, “June is going to be all about healing relationships. As we begin a new month, it is important to be consciously aware of repairs that have to be done, be it with your parents, siblings, friends, lovers and anyone you are very close to.” 

June will also call you to let go of past pain, trauma and resistance to change. Involve all elements of nature like animals, plants, the sun and moon in your life. It is time you connect to them, use them as your tools of healing. Activities like trekking, scuba-diving, gardening, spending more time with your pets will help you connect to the earth energies. 

Ashtar points out four things to remember to ensure your June 2018 horoscope is fulfilled. Be patient with yourself, make correct choices, nurture yourself, develop courage to make new choices. It’s time to move away from arrogance and ego. Learn to embrace everybody, don’t look out for perfection. Evolution of the human is always a work in progress. Let go of fear, greed, domination and deception as humanity should rise above it. So, how are you going to rise above and connect this month?

Decoding your June 2018 horoscope


Aries, channelise your time in leading more people to success and prosperity. Spend more time with family and friends. Go on holidays where you can spend some quality time with loved ones. This month, take to mentoring and guiding to inspire people’s lives through your creativity, ideas and leadership qualities. If you are into corporate leadership, involve people in group activities. Use your wisdom to bring abundance into your life and the lives of others. So, who are you inspiring today?  


Taurus, engage yourself with creativity that involves an aspect of nature. Join classes or develop hobbies that will improve your creative streak. If you are adventurous, participate in marathons, go for treks, rock climbing or scuba diving as all of these activities connect you to mother earth. Yoga and meditation will also do the trick. Don’t forget to do all these in groups. Inspire others to connect with the earth too. Have you planned your adventure yet? 


Gemini, you are going to create new opportunities for yourself this month. Develop new visions and give birth to new ideas. Welcome new beginnings with the help of people. Use this month to resolve your issues with people, conquer your fears and let go of ego. Start repairing relationships, whether personal or professional. Because you cannot create new energies if you are holding on to old ones. Respect others' opinions and advice. It is time to shed your old conditions and explore new opportunities. 


Cancer, understand the power of unconditional love. Let go of grudges and anger, resolve issues and conflicts with people around you. Connect with people you have lost touch with. If there are relationships you have let go off because of any misunderstanding – big or small – reconnect with them. It is in you to love and nurture people, so use this energy to reconnect. Begin with yourself. Have you been ignoring your emotional, personal, spiritual needs? This is the month to look after yourself. Forgive yourself first on things that are not working out. Remember there is perfection in imperfection. 


Leo, you are going to be attracting opportunities to think independently. It is important that you trust your gut instincts about your loved ones. Don’t let anything influence your mind. Make your own decision that is independent of other people’s judgements and opinions. Create one-on-one interactions with people to avoid miscommunication. You have to inspire people by your individualism. Try avoiding group meetings and take independent decisions. Take responsibility for your actions, don’t play the blame game and be the true leader you are. 


Virgo, you have had a tough time. This year has been challenging for you with life teaching you way too many lessons in a short span. This is your month of assimilation, so clam down. You have received knowledge through different ways; experiences, people, by falling down and getting up again. The knowledge is of no use if you do not apply it. Whatever challenges you have faced with people, understand that they have all added to your learning experiences and growth. Shed your ignorance, find a quiet place and recall all that you have learnt. Virgo, it is time to convert your knowledge to wisdom. 


Libra, focus on everything that has to do with your family and loved ones. Give importance to repairs that have to be done to mend relationships and to strengthen them. Get involved in people’s lives. Don’t make it only about yourself. Try and be of service, work with an NGO, spend your time and energy doing social service. Pay attention to the needs of others. All actions need to be focused on how to make the earth a better place. So, how can you be of service to others today? 


Scorpio, all your crazy ideas, anxieties, over-thinking, analysing and more has to stop. This month, bring yourself back to mother earth. Do activities that help you stay grounded. If you are planning to build a new home, this is the right time to go for it. You can invest in properties and start construction. Spend more time with animals and plants, connect with nature in every way possible; take a walk barefoot, get wet in rain. This month, it is all about connecting to elements of earth. 


Sagittarius, this month it is about giving all of yourself. Let go of anger, judgements, vengeance and other things that you are holding against others. Share only love and compassion with those around. Give others the opportunity to forgive you and take the opportunity to forgive others. Embrace more and more people. Give a lot of hugs, smile more, even at strangers and passers-by. Share love in every small way possible. Offer charity and make June the month of giving. 


Capricorn, you need to heal yourself, it is time you ask people for help. Remember that families are there in your time of need. There is a two-way message for you. First is that you reach out for help and for any guidance you need, be it personal, emotional, physical. Your second message is to reach out to people who need healing. Offer help to people in need. Give healing, receive healing.   


Aquarius, expect a miracle. The month of June will bring you a lot of openings. If you are looking to reconnect and re-establish or even strengthen bonds with people, expect miracles. The universe is going to give you chances like never before. If you are looking to meet a special someone, you might meet them this month. Keep your faith and be welcoming to miracles that’ll come your way. Has your magic happened yet? 


Pisces, this month is all about understanding the importance of delegating work. Don’t pile yourself with others' responsibilities. Trust your colleagues and family with tasks that have to be done. Don’t try and control everything. Allow others to be. Let go of control. By letting go, you will help people around you grow. True evolution happens when we grow and allow others to grow with us. Pay attention to delegating work. Have you let go yet?   



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