Your monthly horoscope for July 2018, according to your zodiac sign Advertisement

Your monthly horoscope for July 2018, according to your zodiac sign

How to effectively navigate through the Mars retrograde

By Ashtar Tashi  July 5th, 2018

With Mars in retrograde position, July is going to be more challenging than usual. While the easy way out may feel like groaning your way through it, the smarter solution is to use the current energies to heal yourself. In this horoscope for July 2018, learn how to equip yourself with knowledge that will empower you. That’s where crystals come in. Using the right crystal according to your zodiac sign will help you tremendously during this retrograde period (which lasts till August 27th). Crystals, unlike gemstones, are extremely helpful; their effects are subtle, and if you’re new to using them, remember to reprogram them first. Find out how to decode the energies of various crystals and how to use them, according to your zodiac sign.

Your monthly horoscope for July 2018, according to your zodiac sign: 


Crystal for the month: Flourite

Aries, this is the crystal you should work with for the month of July. It will enhance your focus and concentration and give you more clarity in your thoughts and ideas. So if your mind is confused with thoughts that are going haywire, a fluorite will clear away your mental fog, confusion and conflicting ideas.  This crystal will also help you take practical and radical decisions by balancing your mind. It's known to enhance your mental and psychic abilities, increase your concentration and aid in retention of information when used for a longer period of time. This crystal works really well for creative people like artists, designers and writers. Fluorite will actually create a mind space that will allow you to pin point and dwell deeper to pick out the best ideas you have

How to use: Flat fluorites can be taped on forehead while you are meditating, lying down or thinking. Fluorite balls or pieces of it can be kept at your work table. You can also keep playing with it. Fluorites are available in range of different sizes and colours.

Colours: Multi-coloured: Assists in organising energies on many levels of the body, mind and spirit 
Blue: Helps in opening up psychic clarity 
Pink and green: Harmonises the heart with the mind and align thoughts, words and actions
Purple: Highly recommended for students as it enhances mental faculties 
Golden: Aligns well with the mind


Crystal of the month: Tiger's eye

Taurus, this crystal will give you mental clarity this month. Tiger's eye activates the intellect and makes you think more logically. It promotes true non-judgmental attitude. This month, try accepting everything that comes your way instead of being judgmental and favouring one over another. Since Earth is a planet of duality, there is good and bad, happiness and unhappiness. Tiger's eye will help you maintain a balance between these extremes by helping you move out from the world of duality and keep you in a mental realm while establishing equilibrium in life. This way, you won’t dwell on sorrows or get too emotional with happiness and joy. This stone will help you accept the views of others and not shoot blindly at people whose views you don't like. Taurus, it’s time you create a harmonious relationship at work and with loved ones without any ugly opinionated arguments, and that's exactly what this crystal will help you with.

How to use: Wear it as a pendant or a bracelet. You can also keep a tiger's eyeball with you and keep playing with it. Even better, wear tiger's eye beads worn around the wrist or neck, as they are highly effective. You can also sleep with it under your pillow to clear your mind and to enhance your inherent wisdom.


Crystal of the month: Pyrite

Gemini, pyrite is an extremely powerful stone that’ll impart an immediate increase in vitality and boost your energy to do even the most impossible tasks. It is a stone that enhances the abundance of maternal health. It’ll give you the ambition, the commitment and persistent to go out there and achieve. It helps optimistically align the spiritual world with the physical world. This will help you, Gemini, to understand that, “Yes I’m spiritual and I can work outside of the human realm, but I do have my practical human need, which is material wealth. I do need money to sustain myself here on Earth.” Pyrite will help you understand this and work towards making money as well. Lose the fear of losing wealth Gemini, this crystal is sure to make you more dynamic. 

How to use: Pyrites are to be kept in the north-west direction, which are the wealth corners at home and in office. You can also wear it as a bracelet, a pendant or around your neck. The stone comes as a ball or a rough stone that you can keep playing with. Place it inside your money box to preserve the wealth you've made and also to attract more.


Crystal of the month: Lodolite

Capricorn, you are going through a period of transformation. This new age crystal will act like a shapeshifter and help you become whatever you want to become this month. You can journey through this crystal to find peace, serenity and insights into your life and even maybe communicate with higher beings or understand your spiritual growth and evolution. This interesting stone will help you to explore your past life. So Capricorn, if you are looking to make a shift in your spiritual growth and understand yourself better, a lodolite will help. It’s a perfect stone for self-transformation. Remember Capricorn, with lodolite you can create your own reality.

How to use: You can meditate on a lodolite or even wear it.  


Crystal of the month: Rose quartz

Aquarius, you have gotten the quintessential stone of love. This soft pink energy is all about love; love for oneself, children, life partner, family, earth, the community — just about everything. And that's what you have to understand right now. Be sensitive to love energies. Be sensitive in experiencing love for yourself; it’s not about only giving love but also receiving it. This is an important message, Aquarius, please open yourself to love and nothing better than a rose quartz can help you achieve that. The love vibration of this crystal can actually penetrate down to the cellular level and reprogram your cells for joy and longevity rather than depression and sadness. The stone supports both your physical and emotional heart. If you have any heart ailments, disease, high blood pressure, this crystal will help you. This month, you are going to open yourself to spreading compassion, Aquarius, and you must begin with yourself.

How to use: You can wear it as a pendant or meditate with it. Surround your room with it. You can carry it in your hand and also keep it by your bedside. If you are looking at any issues in romance, do use a rose quartz. Keep it in your bedroom or gift one to your partner and wear one on yourself.


Crystal of the month: Clear quartz

Pisces, this stone that looks like frozen water will resonate beautifully with you. The clear quartz will help you meditate most deeply and enhance your spiritual awareness. When you sleep or pray, with Clear Quartz it enhances the vividness of your dreams. It’ll help amplify your psychic power and abilities and is a perfect crystal for manifesting your dreams. The clear quartz is a very versatile crystal that embodies the concept of clarity. It will bring the clarity of thought and purpose to your mind and help you overcome confusion. It will accelerates the fulfilment of your prayers. Your prayers will be heard loud and clear with the help of clear quartz.

How to use: You can meditate with it. If you are a healer, you can use the clear quartz to heal.


Crystal of the month: Larimar

Cancer, this stone will help you awaken the divine feminine energy within. When we say feminine energy we're not talking only for women, but energies for men as well. If you're very introspective, always brooding and going within, not sharing ideas with others and not coming out of your shell, the crystal will help you express yourself. The stone will help bring out the best beautiful nurturing side of you, without being hurt. If you are holding on to past and unhealthy bonds, using a larimar during meditations will help release you from all unhealthy ties. A cooling and soothing stone, the laminar, will help you calm excessive fear and also relieve stress. As the stone has an excellent vibration for throat chakra, it promotes clarity in communication.

How to use: Wear the stone as a pendant near your throat chakra to become calmer and communicate with clarity.


How to use: Works best when it is kept in front of you. Keep it in your palm or wear it as a pendant while meditating.


Crystal for the month: Celestite

Virgo, this month you are going to work with creativity. The celestite crystal will elevate your awareness and make you more gentle. You will be able to communicate your thoughts and ideas in a more creative way. It will stimulate your inner visionary experience and take you away from your regular thinking patterns into a more creative, gentler, softer thinking pattern and that is what you need now. Remember Virgo, getting over your problems does not need a very dynamic approach every time. Sometimes being in a sweet space and looking for gentle solutions instead of aggressive ones is what might work better.

How to use: As these crystals come in clusters, it is ideal to place them in your healing or meditation room. You can also wear it as a pendant.


Crystal for the month: Selenite 

Libra, this month is all about trusting your higher wisdom and learning what you have gained from this life and sharing that wisdom with others. Selenite is the crystal that will support you with that. It connects and activates the third eye, crown chakra and the soul star chakra which is beyond the crown chakra. It helps in meditation and connects you to the messages of the spiritual kind. It also balances energies and enhances vitality when you are feeling fatigued or stressed. Libra, this month is going to be about soul evolution. Selenite will empower this step of yours and unlock the doorways to the etheric world.

How to use: Place the selenite rock, ball or pyramid next to you while meditating.


Crystal of the month: Lapis lazuli 

Scorpio, the crystal for you is that of self-awareness and knowledge. This month, lapis lazuli is going to help you come out of fears and expand your awareness of your motivations and beliefs. Trust yourself to be able to stand up and speak your truth, Scorpio. Let people know that you can live your life on your own terms. Lapis lazuli will give you a clearer perspective of your life, remove limitations and expand opportunities for growth. It is an excellent stone for life review. The stone will help you increase your psychic ability and gain conviction so that you know what you are standing up for.

How to use: Wear it as a pendant, ring or a bracelet. You can also use it in your third chakra during meditation. 


Crystal for the month: Black tourmaline

Sagittarius, staying calm and grounded is what is going to help you this month. And a black tourmaline is the crystal that will support that. The crystal helps you ground energies and connect to mother earth. It will protect you from challenging circumstances. As it is a cleansing stone, it acts as an etheric vacuum cleaner and provides very high levels of purification. It will clear all the negative energies and elevate your consciousness. Sagittarius, understand that everything has to have a balance in life. To have the balance, you have to look at peace and harmony within yourself. Using a black tourmaline will help rid anger, negativity and anxiety that surrounds you.

How to use: It can be worn as a pendant. The beads can be made into anklets, necklace and bracelets. You can keep them in your doorways to prevent negativity from entering your homes.

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