As A Beauty Editor This Is The One Product That I Strongly Recommend

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I am often asked about the responsibilities my role as a beauty editor entails. While I’d love to say that it majorly includes writing and editing exciting beauty features, the fact is that I’m usually sorting out beauty queries of my friends, family and peers. One of the most common questions that I am asked – apart from suggestions on anti-acne treatment and the best eyeliner that doesn’t smudge – is how I take care of my skin

Life Of A Beauty Editor

Hate to break it to you that as a beauty editor I don’t have an elaborated beauty routine even though I have way too many products on my shelf. Contrary to a common belief, my everyday skincare routine includes only three steps. Yes, I do get too many products to try but not all of them make it to my routine or are worthy enough to be included as an extra step.

Judge me if you want but I don’t use toner or layer serums. After cleansing, I apply a ceramide-infused moisturiser followed by a moisturising under-eye cream and lastly, my sunscreen, which is non-negotiable. I avoid layering of products, skincare or makeup. Since we started wearing face masks, I have maintained a decent distance from makeup to avoid layering of products.

It was a couple of months ago when I started working from the office again – not sure if I’m happy about it – that I realised that I miss wearing makeup. However, the scare of my skin acting up under the face mask kept me away from it. Enter: tinted moisturisers.

If I have to vote for one innovation in the beauty industry, I’d go for multipurpose beauty products. Products – skincare or makeup – that offer multiple benefits by reducing the layering of cosmetics are my go-to. Give me a tinted lip balm with SPF that adds a healthy pop of colour on my lips while protecting them against sun damage and I am sold on it. Therefore, tinted moisturisers are my current obsession and I am sure I’ll convince you to jump on the bandwagon.

On A Beauty Editor’s Desk

I struggled to choose between BB creams and skin tints but I declare tinted moisturisers as the winner. What made me decide on that, you may think? Having multiple benefits packed in one product does the trick for me. I am talking about dabbing my face with a lightweight face cream that moisturises the skin, adds a healthy tint that is enough to give an even skin tone, and gives a radiant glow –  a win-win, isn’t it? Also, it saves time and money, and comes in handy especially if you want to travel light. To top it all, if you can find one that comes with sun protection, it’s definitely better! Well, that doesn’t mean you can skip your sunscreen. 

Having said that, here’s a word of caution before I see you in my comment section hating on me for misleading you – tinted moisturisers are NOT an alternative for a foundation. If you are looking for medium to full coverage or need to conceal deep pigmentation, tinted moisturisers won’t fit the bill.

Consider them as a regular moisturiser with sheer coverage but skin-nourishing properties. If you are someone like me who hates taking the foundation-blending trouble or is always on the lookout for lazy-girl beauty hacks, this product needs your attention, pronto. Following are some of my favourite picks:

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