3 Reasons Why Ayatana Coorg Should Be On Your Getaway Bucket List


Fluctuating weather, the sound of horns, impatience in traffic to complete daily tasks— we’re all victims of the glorified fast-paced, dynamic lifestyle. But as you navigate through the hustle, we know that the probability of you stopping and dreaming of a secluded tropical island is at an all-time high. If you’ve found consolation in the fact then we’re playing cupid to match you with your next holiday destination that won’t disappoint. Enter: Ayatana Coorg.

Nestled in 100 acres of endless lush packed with waterfalls, early morning dew and a misty atmosphere in Karnataka — Ayatana Coorg will pull you from the conventional metropolitan setting and replace it with a tranquil experience. Picture this: morning coffee in your private cottage overlooking the majestic Kodava landscape, a balmy spa session, taking a tour in the wilderness with the sound of leaves rustling, a warm meal by the forests and more. In dire need to make this imagination come true? Ahead, find three reasons why Ayatana Coorg is the perfect spot for your next getaway.

Seek Adventure

Does ‘retreat’ mean adrenaline rush for you? Count on the untamed lands in Ayatana Coorg to pave the way for your next adventure. From activities like trekking, zip-lining, bird watching to nature tours — the fine luxury resort has championed the thrill spectrum too. If the adventurous void in you is still not filled, then go deep into the heart of the Western Ghats on an off-road safari. And if you’re lucky you may even catch a glimpse of Coorg’s majestic wildlife.

Exceptional Gastronomical Experience

Whether you prefer enjoying your food amidst nature or have a penchant for sipping wine during candle-lit dinners — Ayatana Coorg fulfills every call. The perfect amalgamation of luxury and nature, the resort has myriad settings. From restaurants amidst glass walls, waterfalls to fresh trees, expect a tantalizing array of handpicked food and drinks from across the globe. And if you’re spending the getaway with your significant other, then let the resort help you up the ante with wine, flowers and a customized mood to make the day special.

Reconnect With Nature

Stuck in a rut, or perhaps a never-ending series of back-to-back calls? It’s about time you hit the road to a spot that will enable you to balance your mind and we’re coming to assistance. Ayatana Coorg features private cottages amidst the greenery, which is perfect for some downtime. Cloud-like mattresses, a scenic view, unadulterated sounds of nature, earthy furniture and luxe amenities make it the quintessential place for the new-age hibernation.

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Photographs: Courtesy of Ayatana Coorg

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