B. Copenhagen Brings You A Fresh and Exciting 2022 Summer Collection

B Copenhagen

When you think of Copenhagen, you think of bright colours and energetic vibrations that are woven into the city’s infrastructure. With many cultural sites and exciting spots, it is a city that is truly eclectic.  B. Copenhagen, a brand from Denmark that recently opened up to the Indian market, has come out with a summer collection which tries to embody the very colourful and vibrant essence of the city it is named after.

The designs are crafted at B.Copenhagen in a way that those who wear them feel they are staying on-trend, embracing femininity and being fashionable without compromising on comfort. The collection instils an element of fun with bold prints and lively colours.

The patterns and print motifs constitute pretty graphic micro-flowers inspired by the city gardens in the summertime. Novel interpretations of animals and spot prints also play a significant role in the collection. The calm blue tones are accompanied by vibrant yellow hues giving contrast and adding new energy – like a ray of sunshine. Fresh, feminine silhouettes in the combination of white, pink and blue refine the collection.


B. Copenhagen’s warm orange and red colour range is also inspired by the city gardens and parks with the subdued garden green combined with a creamy cafe-latte colour. This colour scheme has a vintage atmosphere, which is reflected in sophisticated, feminine floral prints. All this is accompanied by details specific to the brand. Notice the balloon sleeve elements, lace closures, Broderie Anglaise and ruffle effects along with new collar details, including polo collars.

Denim constitutes the collection in different types and washes – in shirts, straight-leg trousers, cropped jeans, capri pants and jackets. These variations of denim combined with the feminine blouses, with the addition of refined and pretty dresses, perfectly reflect the aesthetics of the wonderful Copenhagen!

Go to their website to shop the collection and don’t forget to check them out on Instagram and Facebook.

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