Bonobo Bandra Completes 15 Years And Its Popularity Is Testimony To The Allure Of A Neighbourhood Bar


I am what you might call a ‘serial party person’. My love for partying has taken me to multiple spots around the city and country. The last year especially has seen a barrage of new restaurants and bars pop up everywhere- offering plenty of options and spoiling us for choice. And sure we love ourselves some molecular gastronomy and fantastic cocktails with home made bitters, but there’s something comforting about sipping a drink at your favourite neighbourhood bar. A sense of belonging, what some might describe as a warm, friendly hug is what Bonobo offers to many who have made this place their usual watering hole. Of course, it helps that the drinks are delicious, munchies are yummy and the gigs, legendary.

I still distinctly remember the first time I visited Bonobo, six years ago. My father was catching up with a few friends from college and I tagged along because I had nothing better to do. I prepared myself for being bored throughout because I didn’t think I would have anything in common with my father’s friends. I was right about not vibing with my dad’s friends, but there was an air of comfort and familiarity the minute I walked into Bonobo. Something I feel till today. The bartender who whipped up a mean rum and coke for me also gave me music recommendations that are still a part of my playlist. The random girl who sat next to me at the bar is now a great friend of mine.

The Revamp

This December, it celebrated its 15th anniversary a milestone amidst the chaos of new bars in the neighbourhood. Bonobo is known for its high-octane events and refreshing cocktails and to commemorate their anniversary, they have introduced a brand new menu and an exciting lineup of artists across the month. The food menu features delectable appetisers that range from classic nachos to rawa fry. Nothing beats the feeling of nibbling on rawa fry whilst I sip on rum and coke. However, this revamped menu has a little something for everyone. Whether you’re looking to gorge on some pizza or eat spicy Asian meal bowls, they’ve got it all.

While I may enjoy my rum, that didn’t stop me from tasting the new cocktails on the menu too. My evening began with Watermelon Man, a refreshing gin-based cocktail with clarified watermelon and basil, perfect for a humid day outside. After a couple of these, I swiftly moved to the Voodoo Picante—quite the invigorating choice. These new cocktails give your usual ones a run for their money!

Speaking of high-octane gigs, Bonobo has always been a pioneer when it comes to live music. Right from its inception 15 years ago, this bar has always championed the cause of independent music, with amateur and seasoned artists. As someone who enjoys this, not only did I discover fresh talent but I also ended up watching my all-time favourites perform here. Right from live brass with Bombay Brass to buzzing techno and electronic tunes with 2Sensitive, this bar has given its patrons every genre of music possible.

Feels like home

Bonobo has stood the test of time. Not only is it a hotspot for netizens of Bandra, but people from all over the city flock here, especially on a Friday or Saturday night. It’s the one place in the city that I wouldn’t mind visiting alone, a wild idea right? This is because every single time I’ve been here alone, I haven’t felt like it at all. The warm staff and the buzzing crowd always make you feel right at home.

- Beauty Writer


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