10 Nail Art Ideas That Will Let Your Inner Barbie Shine

Barbiecore nails

I don’t think I am overstating it when I say that the Barbie movie directed by Greta Gerwig is about to change lives. With all of us waiting with bated breath to see what the movie brings to us, it’s no secret that it has already inspired trends and taken every industry by storm. Barbiecore has easily proven to be the trend of the year with its dopamine-inducing colour. Barbiecore nail art is at the top of that list, because let’s be honest, not everyone enjoys stepping out in hot pink outfits and rocking pink hairdos, unless you’re me. In which case, you cannot have enough of this colour.

So if you’re going to be booking a mani appointment soon, here’s an all-pink mood board for you to channel your inner Barbie.

A Drizzle Of Glaze

Glazed-donut nails were all over our feeds when Hailey Bieber first sported them. Opt for a lighter pink hue instead of the usual beige and select a chrome finish. If balletcore is your aesthetic of choice, then these are a great option.

The Classic Pink

It’s good to stick to the classics sometimes. Everyone doesn’t enjoy experimenting with their nail designs, keeping it basic with one shade of pink is equal parts Barbiecore and understated.

Aura Of Love

Aura nails made it BIG in 2023 and rightfully so. Lilac paired with pink makes for a design that will definitely open and align your heart chakra. (Hint: A pink aura equates to your heart chakra being aligned)

Let’s Go Party

There’s nothing like a sprinkle of shimmer to get the party started. If full-blown glitter intimidates you, opt for a glitter ombre with a baby pink hue which balances the glitter out and gives you the Barbiecore nail art of your dreams.

The Pink Pop


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Walk the minimalist path with this design that features a colourful twist on the iconic French mani! Add a pop of pink with a sleek outline right where the white tip begins. Who said Barbie can’t be a minimalist?

The Barbie Drip

With Kylie Jenner’s stamp of approval, drip nails have truly stood the test of time. Choose two different tones of pink that complement each other and ensure the size of your nails is a little longer than usual to get the drip going.

Love In The Air

We’re fairly far away from V-Day but it’s never too early to celebrate love. This adorable design features reds and pinks with alternating French tips. The tiny heart adds an element of romance, doesn’t it?



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Looking to have some fun with your mani? Checkered nails with a swirling twist fit the bill. One doesn’t have to stick to a set pattern for the swirl sections, go berserk.

A Little OTT Glamour

Barbie and glamour go hand-in-hand, after all, she was the OG epitome of it. Go glamourous with your nails by adding glitter and embellishments in pink or silver.

Mismatched Madness

A little bit of everything always turns the heat up. Maximalist lovers will rejoice with this design that features polka dots, swirls and even some floral fun.

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