Based On Your Zodiac Sign Here’s Where You Should Move


Ever have an insatiable urge to pack your bags and move to another land far far away? Same pinch! Have a hard time picking the destination? Let the stars help you find your way. Your surroundings have an undeniable impact on your being, so why not choose a place that will let you be your most authentic self? Every city in this world, just like people, has its own unique attributes that set it apart. Here’s the one that’s a perfect match for you:

Aries – New York City, USA

Number one of the zodiac signs and ruled by the fiery Mars makes you a natural-born leader, Aries. The fast-paced life of New York will blend well with your competitive nature and energetic personality. 

Taurus – Milan, Italy 

The luxe-life appeals to you, Taurus. You enjoy extravagance, appreciate beauty, love food and retail therapy, and know how to work hard and play hard. Milan’s glamour and opulence are sure to get you excited. 

Gemini – Dubai, UAE

Your indecisive and curious nature likes to have the best of both worlds, Gemini. From sand-dunes to beaches and old souks to futuristic malls, Dubai has it all and more—it’s really the perfect match for you. 

Cancer – Honolulu, Hawaii

Hey, crabbie, we’re sending you to Hawaii. Your family-oriented nature seeks a welcoming community that will make you feel comfortable coming out of your shell. And of course, the beach is a must.

Leo – Los Angeles, California

You belong where the stars are, Leo. After all, you are ruled by the brightest star of all—the Sun. You like the attention and aren’t afraid of the spotlight. Los Angeles is calling out your name. 

Virgo – Singapore

Clean and organised, Singapore is the one for you, Virgo. Nicknamed ‘the city in a garden’, it’s a perfect balance of nature and concrete that is sure to attract this earth sign. 

Libra – Paris, France

Libra, you’re ruled by Venus, the planet of love. It only makes sense that you live in the city of romance—Paris. Filled with architectural beauty, art, fashion and more, this French city is Libra personified. 

Scorpio – Amsterdam, Netherlands

Nicknamed as the European City of Sin, Amsterdam is the one for you, Scorpio. Sexy, mysterious places are where you thrive, and more than sin, it’s freedom that Amsterdam offers. So indulge, Scorpio.

Sagittarius – Queenstown, New Zealand

Love wide-open spaces and adrenaline rushes? Queenstown, New Zealand is the perfect spot for you, Saggitarius. From bungee jumping and jet-boating to skiing and sky diving, let your adventurous spirit run wild. 

Capricorn – London, UK

Equal parts traditional and modern, London’s sophisticated and powerful appeal make it perfect for the ambitious Capricorn. The magnificent buildings, world-class museums, fine-dining restaurants and chic fashion are all waiting for your arrival. 

Aquarius – Santa Fe, New Mexico 

Nicknamed as ‘the city different’, Santa Fe marches to the beat of its own drum, just like you. A destination for spiritual seekers and artistic thinkers, the capital city of New Mexico promises a holistic lifestyle with a touch of mystery. 

Pisces – Bali, Indonesia 

Go live your Eat, Pray, Love dream, Pisces. You seek a paradise that’s far away from the hustle-bustle of the world, a place that matches your magical aura. Bali is sure to let the fish feel right at home by the water and let you explore your creative side. 

Images via: Pinterest

- Digital Writer


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