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Glam up your hair without a care. The party season of weddings and festivals is upon us. It is time to bring out the dresses, set the mood and let your hair down.

And you know how the right hue for your hair can jazz things up just right. Whether you want to flaunt long tresses or go shorter and chic, a beautifully blended colour does just that extra bit for your look.

But when you find that colour for your hair that fits just so right, a pang of guilt hits you. Am I damaging my hair?

To colour or not to

The myths around colouring your hair are many. Does it thin your hair? Does it speed up greying? Is it difficult to maintain?

A lot of these fears associated with hair colour are just fears. But for the ones that are real you need to make the right choice. If you are feeding your body the right kind of nutrition from the right sources then why feed your hair anything.

So now that there are hundreds of products available in the market, how do we choose? As always, a brand that is tried, tested and trusted.

Go with legacy

In comes Schwarzkopf – with a legacy of over 120 years of global trust and at the forefront of innovation. Known for combining quality ingredients with the latest hair focused technology, they are just the answer you need for all your hair colour concerns.

This time they bring India’s first anti-breakage hair colour – Colour Specialist. As always, with Schwarzkopf getting the science just right, you can put your fears of hair damage to rest with Colour Specialist, the first anti-breakage hair colour in India with OmegaPlex and Hyaluronic Acid. This combination provides extra hydration and moisture retention that delivers 90 percent less hair breakage, and offers shinier and stronger hair.

Schwarzkopf Colour Specialist offers 100% grey coverage, and comes with 2 repair masques, to offer you additional care post 3-weeks of colouration. Moreover, this permanent hair colour lasts more than 28 washes!

This hair colour comes in diverse shades of Black, Brown, Blonde, and Red giving you plenty to pick from.

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