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Fashion is no more about just trends and brands for today’s ‘conscious consumer’. As we learn more about the dangerous impact of fast fashion on Mother Nature, we are reconsidering our lifestyle choices. People are asking more questions about clothing materials and how they’re made and sourced, rather than just about what brand it belongs to. As a result, we are witnessing a global shift towards eco-conscious clothing.  

We’ve been hearing these ‘sustainability’ terms for a while now, right? Numerous brands have already started taking the eco-friendly route with their recent collections using upcycled, recycled, and organic materials. And in the process of digging for conscious solutions we’ve found the goldmine (of course not literally) but indeed an ultimate eco-material that has changed the fashion game for good. The world is now embarking on a new era of sustainability with TENCEL™

Get to know TENCEL™…

Simply put, TENCEL™ is an environmentally responsible lyocell and modal fibre brand. TENCEL™ branded fibres are biodegradable and made from sustainably sourced, natural raw wood. The result is an extremely versatile fibre for fashion and home textile that can be used to make any garment or piece of clothing from flowing dresses to activewear and even bedsheets. Some of you may have come across the brand as lately, it is everywhere, from red carpets and fashion-show runways to ready-to-wear collections of many prominent brands we use and love.

For nearly 3 decades, Lenzing Group’s TENCEL™ brand has been a go-to ingredient brand in the fashion industry globally, and now it is getting much-deserved attention from consumers as well. Since people have become more mindful of where and how their clothes are made, it is impossible to not include TENCEL™ in the mix of their wardrobes. 

Going ‘green’ in style…

TENCEL™ is already a favorite among designers and brands all over the world because of its nearly miraculous qualities. Not just international Fashion labels like Zara, H&M, Marks & Spencer (among many) love and use TENCEL™ in their collections but Indian labels like Taneira by TATA Group and Satya Paul have also used these eco-fibres to make gorgeous ethnic and colorful clothes. 

Last year, Designer and Creative Director of Satya Paul, Rajesh Pratap Singh proudly showcased his ‘Master of Words’ collection at the finale of Sustainable Fashion Day in Lakme Fashion Week 2021. The show flaunted some of the iconic and stunning looks made with TENCEL™ fibres on the runway.

After their successful stint last year, TENCEL™ made a return to this year’s LFW with a focus on ethnic wear, in collaboration with designer Anju Modi. At the recently concluded Lakme Fashion Week 2022, the beloved costume designer presented her latest line Damayanti, a collection of Indian sarees made using TENCEL™ fibers. The looks used various draping styles of saree to further highlight the aesthetics brought by TENCEL™ fibers.

A pure winner…

Apart from being entirely sustainable, fabric made with TENCEL™ branded fibres, such as lyocell fibre, is incredibly soft to the touch and breathable. This means the final garment is plush and super comfortable to wear.

Yes, there is a shift toward eco-conscious clothing, but thanks to TENCEL™ it doesn’t come at the price of compromising on fashion and comfort. While there are limitations to many bio-fabrics, which are not easy to care for, shrink, crumple, and are less durable, that’s not the case with clothing made with TENCEL™ fibres. This wood-based fibre can turn its hand into almost anything from stylish denims, shirts, and silky dresses to even trendy and comfortable gym wear and intimate wear while being as affordable as any other option. To add to the options, more and more Indian traditional wear labels for sarees have turned to TENCEL™ to enhance their offerings. 

Fashion plays a big role in our daily lives, and we have a choice to be responsible with it. TENCEL™ makes it easier to take a step towards embracing a sustainable lifestyle while looking and feeling good!

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