In Conversation With Homegrown Beauty Brand Founders Weighing In On The Rise Of Whipped Makeup For Its Luxurious Comfort And Intense Pigmentation

Beauty brands constantly strive to create products that enhance user experience through packaging, ingredients and texture. Over the last few years, formulations have seen constant innovation. While baked blushes were formulated to deliver intense colour and glow, microencapsulated foundations saw capsules suspended in liquid, resulting in hydrating, pigment-packed base products. And now, whipped make-up has taken centre stage, offering airy and lightweight formulations that feel akin to applying whipped cream on the face. The Beauty Blender Bounce Liquid Whip Long Wear Foundation and the Lakmé 9 To 5 Weightless Mousse Foundation have won many hearts with their whipped crème formulas that provide a long-lasting and comfortable feel.

Whipped make-up is a liquid make-up base that has been air-whipped, resulting in a texture that feels as light as air on the skin. Building on the success of whipped foundations, whipped lipsticks have emerged as another game-changer in the beauty industry. They boast hydrating and lightweight formulas that provide intense pigment in just one swipe. The payoff is a vibrant lip colour without the uncomfortable, heavy feel often associated with highly pigmented lipsticks. “While traditional lipsticks and tints offer various benefits individually, there was a gap in the market for a product that seamlessly combined longevity, matte touch, hydration, transfer-proof and plumpiness. Whipped lipstick formulations thus emerged as the magic formula, addressing all these concerns,” says Aakriti Jayant Chapparia, co-founder of homegrown brand La Mior, which has launched a range of velvet matte whipped lipsticks.

Karishma Kewalramani, founder and CEO of FAE Beauty, says, “A long-lasting lipstick in the market was synonymous with an intensely drying formula that left the lips peeling, cracked, flaky and dry. A year of intensive R&D later, our product team developed a liquid lipstick formula that’s whipped and akin to the lightness of mousse – and thus Lip Whip was born.” She further explains that Lip Whip was a proposition and a formulation the brand had never seen before and one that finally convinced them to dive into the highly competitive world of liquid lipsticks.

On the other hand, luxury bridal make-up artist Shradha Luthra believes that traditional make-up is preferred over whipped make-Wup by brides wanting a long-lasting, high-coverage look. She says, “I find that traditional products can also provide comfort and longevity when applied skillfully. It’s more about
the artist’s expertise and the client’s preferences.”

As whipped make-up continues to gain momentum, it’s evident that beauty aficionados are no longer willing to compromise on comfort for the sake of glamour. So, while a lipstick’s longevity and hydration are generally inversely proportional, whipped lipsticks stand out for uniquely blending the two, offering a highly pigmented and comfortable experience.

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