Beauty Editor’s Picks: Monsoon Edition


That wasn’t even sarcastic, I LOVE the monsoons. There’s something magical about the rain that transforms me into a happier, glowier version of myself. The gloomier it gets, the brighter my mood. I thrive in the misty mornings and revel in the rhythmic raindrops (too much alliteration? that is what this season does to me). Yes, I am one of those people who embraces the muck and mulch with open arms. But let’s be real, to keep the love for the season intact, I have a stash of essentials that are non-negotiable. Here are my top picks to stay fabulous, frizz- free, and fantastically fresh all monsoon long!

Colour Wow Dream Coat Supernatural Spray

Loving this season doesn’t absolve me from the frizz. I get that, and since I’ve gotten my hands on this – I don’t know who frizz is anymore. The best and most shocking part? It lasts through at least one wash, I am serious.

Available at: Lookfantastic

Elemis Pro-collagen Cleansing Balm

Taking the day off is SO important for a day out in the rains. Yes, I was probably out getting drenched. What i like to do is use a cleansing balm or oil for about 60 seconds, really working the product into the skin before I emulsify. That doesn’t just take the dirt and grime away but it also gently exfoliates the skin.

Available at:

Jo Malone London Wood Sage & Sea Salt Candle

Light this baby up and transport yourself to a windswept shore. Its earthy, fresh scent is the perfect antidote to monsoon gloom. I get it, the musty scent isn’t amazing – but this candle helps!

Available at:

Ikonic Professional Hair Dryer – ID Black and Gold

This season is when the hair feels perpetually damp. I don’t need a hair dryer, some days I need a leaf blower. This one honestly surprised me. The speed and the heat – my hair is dry in 10 mins flat. I love it!

Available at:

NARS Light Reflecting Pressed Setting Powder

Most days I skip makeup, but of course there are some days when I need the coverage. Recently I have been loving carrying around this clear pressed powder. It doesn’t add on the colour to make things look patchy, but blots the oil away.

Available at:

Activated Charcoal Odour Absorber & Dehumidifier

There’s a theme here, and the theme is to be rid of the dampness and damp smell that seems to surround us. I always get a bunch of these bags and put them in my closet, bags (especially my work bags) and my car.

Available at:

CLIO Kill Lash Superproof Mascara

This shouldn’t come as a surprise, if I am wearing mascara it is waterproof. This one really knows how to hold a curl – so that’s always great.

Available at:

Fable & Mane Sahascalp Purifying Scrub


Usually I don’t need this step, but during the monsoons because I don’t believe in going out with an umbrella, my scalp needs a double cleanse too. Every alternate wash, I use a scrub just to avoid flakes!

Available at:

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