From Celebrity Skincare Lines To New Faces, Here’s What’s Happening In The World Of Beauty

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A skincare buzzword, new brand or product launch, or a celebrity dropping their beauty brand – the beauty industry has something new happening almost every other week. While we talk about product launches and innovation often, we miss news-worthy beauty information that might be of interest. If you’re looking to get some insights into the beauty industry with what all happened this month, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s a roundup of beauty news that you might enjoy knowing.

1. Euphoria’s MUA Donni Davi is launching her own brand – Half Magic


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This one is for the Euphoria fans! Industry’s favourite Doniella Davy, in partnership with A24 – the entertainment company and creators behind Euphoria – has announced the launch of her makeup line called Half Magic sending the industry in frenzy. Doniella has been working on this line for the past three years and it’s set to launch next month. Brb, figuring how to order it here! 

2. Hailey Bieber’s ‘Rhode’ is finally launching in June 2022

After dropping a bunch of hints on social media over the past few months, Hailey Bieber finally announced the launch of her skincare brand which is expected to drop in June 2022. The brand is called Rhode and we are rooting for it because who doesn’t want Hailey’s secret to radiant and glowing skin?

3. M.A.C’s new MACStack mascara is going viral

M.A.C has launched its STACK mascara that promises to give fuller and more dramatic lashes without weighing them down no matter how many layers of the product you apply. The mascara has gone viral on social media and beauty enthusiasts seem in line with the product’s claims. A never-seen-before clump resistant formula that gives voluminous lashes within minutes with just one swipe, MACStack mascara is everywhere on social media.

4. 111Skin is Finally in India through Nykaa


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A cult-favourite and a must-have for most celebrities, the luxury skincare brand 111Skin is finally in India. Exclusively launched on Nykaa’s cross-border store, the brand came to the Indian beauty market with Y Theorem Repair Serum NAC Y², Celestial Black Diamond Lifting and Firming Treatment Mask, Celestial Black Diamond Lifting & Firming Treatment Mask and  Rose Gold Brightening Facial Treatment Mask

5. Alia Bhatt For mCaffeine

mCaffeine has officially signed Alia Bhatt as their new brand ambassador for their body scrubs and body washes. Alia, who’s always been vocal about promoting sustainable ethos, joined hands with the body care brand to push its product ranges through her popularity and love for eco-friendly beauty.

6. John Legend is launching his own skincare brand

In partnership with A-Frames, John Legend will soon be launching his own skincare line for a ‘melanin-rich’ complexion. The line will have specifically curated products, the celeb-owned brand is being developed to shed light on the unfair beauty standards for people with melanin-rich skin.

7. WeDo/ Professional Announces Phoebe Dynevor as Brand Ambassador

Bridgerton’s favourite Phoebe Dynevor has joined WeDo/ Professional community, an eco-ethical brand, as their first-ever brand ambassador. An advocate for climate action, Phoebe is here to set an example and advocate for positive and sustainable changes in hair care routines. 

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