This Cult Favourite Beauty Brand Is Finally Launching In India


Happy(?) April Fools…

Hear me out, I’ve been on the precipice of the biggest beauty launches, and news and get to try out the best of the best. I am not complaining, but, I have a wishlist too. Brands I want in India, technological advancements I want in the beauty space and million-dollar ideas thought of in the shower that I wish someone would fund. April Fools conventionally is a day when you say something that isn’t true, play a prank, fib through your teeth. Or confess to something to gauge a reaction. In a warped way, this day is used more of like a manifestation technique, right? So, here I am putting it out there in the universe, these are the headlines I would like to read this year – instead of just on April Fools’ Day!

Fragrance brands are now bottling up your favourite person’s scent

Fragrances are a lot more powerful than we give them credit for. They can transport you to a certain place and even to a certain emotion instantly. Specific notes often possess sentimental abilities and make you feel comforted. Imagine having your favourite person’s scent in a bottle, for you to sniff every time you’re feeling lonely—quite amazing, isn’t it? I’d love to have my partner’s refreshing yet musky scent in a bottle, at least that would prevent me from stealing his clothes all the time. We’d love to see fragrance brands giving us the power to capture specific scents and notes that help us reminisce about happier times. I hear that this is almost set to happen, so fragrance lovers—rejoice!

In a historic move, production of fairness creams set to be banned

Like the two sides of a coin, innovations in the world of beauty have their good days and bad days. The bad days have led to the creation of the villain which is fairness creams. In a country that is unhealthily obsessed with the colour of its skin, fairness creams have found a comfortable spot here. We’ve seen countless brands advertise for fairer and lighter skin and as a result, perpetuate toxic notions of beauty. A world where we finally decide that we’ve had enough of these would be an ideal one. While this would be a difficult move, banning fairness creams would set a healthy precedent for how we view ourselves. 

Summer Fridays and Rhode are all set to finally launch in India

While the last year has seen a bunch of celebrity beauty brands finally launch in India, we’re still so far behind with certain cult favourites. Summer Fridays and Rhode are two iconic beauty brands that need to make their way to India. Even though Rhode is the brainchild of Hailey Bieber, the product formulations and packaging speak for its sweet spot in the beauty industry. Summer Fridays needs no introduction with their bestselling Jet Lag Mask and their Lip Butter Balms. It’s about damn time we see these in India!

Juvia’s Place makes it’s way to India

If you’re as obsessed with eyeshadows as I am you will echo the sentiment of wanting Juvia’s Place here. In case you’re living under a rock, Juvia’s Place is a black-owned beauty brand that has been making extremely pigmented beauty products. Matte eyeshadows that aren’t chalky, glitter eyeshadows that don’t have a fallout, foundations which cater to every skin tone and undertone along with blushes that could put some cult favourites to shame—just a few products Juvia’s Place is known for. The eyeshadow fanatic in me would love to see Juvia’s Place finally launch in India, so I don’t have to pay exorbitant rates for customs duty.

Mumbai gets its first-ever AI beauty vending machine

While the thought of dabbling into artificial intelligence does spook me a little bit, its capabilities to perform amazing feats have to be considered. The beauty industry runs high on personalization—whether that’s personalised routines or personalised products. Eager beauty consumers are always on the lookout for products which are created specifically for them. Imagine an AI tool that utilises the powerful abilities of facial recognition to offer your product recommendations according to your skin tone and facial structure. All of which can be dispensed immediately from a vending machine. Anyone who’d be willing to bet on this?

- Beauty Writer


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