This Beauty Platform Is Going To Be Your New Favourite Online Shopping Destination

Shopping for luxury beauty products online can be tough when there are umpteenth platforms to choose from. But what if there was a space solely dedicated to premium cosmetics? Beauty junkies, it’s time to shift your shopping address to Glow, a new venture by Tressmart which brings you the best of luxury beauty. Launched by Sargam Dhawan Bhayana, founder of Tressmart India and Director of award-winning vegan beauty brand Paul Penders India, Glow is set to become your go-to platform for all things beauty.

We caught up with Sargam just after the  launch:

ELLE: What prompted you to set up Glow?

SARGAM DHAWAN BHAYANA: This difficult period has really pushed us to do more and be more creative. I have always been inclined towards beauty that led me to bring brands like DAFNI, StylPro and Paul Penders to India. I guess launching my own e-commerce platform was inevitable. In June 2020, I launched India’s first online destination,, solely catering to haircare products and appliances. This further led me to research and see what more I can do. It was then when I noticed that while there were many e-commerce platforms offering beauty products, I didn’t find any that were offering only premium and luxury beauty. Having experience of working with brands in the same segment, I decided to launch Glow by Tressmart (, the one-stop shop for premium to luxury beauty.

ELLE: What were some of the challenges you faced while launching something new during these tough times?

SDB: I was of course skeptical about launching a new platform during this time especially with the economy being as it is. But at the same time, I saw an opportunity and just decided to push through. Getting brands on board wasn’t too difficult. However, stock availability was a challenge and still is sometimes as certain warehouses are still shut and production of products for certain brands were on hold as factories were shut. I am however blessed with a good team who have done their best to make this happen and we do believe that we can power through these tough times.

ELLE: What are some of your personal favourite brands and products?

SDB: I really like all the brands I have on board with Glow. Some of my personal favourites are Dot & Key, Ayca, Face Rituals, Kal Hans, Myra Veda and Paul Penders.

ELLE: We’re seeing a lot of demand in skincare and eye make-up products during lockdown. What are some of the trending and bestselling products on Glow?

SDB: It’s only been 4 days since Glow by Tressmart launched, and in this short span we have observed Dot & Key and Paul Penders are doing well. However, we are extremely optimistic for all our brands as we are seeing good results on Tressmart currently.

ELLE: Your advice for entrepreneurs during this uncertain time?

SDB: Try to remain positive and don’t let these uncertain times get the better of you. Remember to believe in yourself and trust your team. This too shall pass!

ELLE: What do you think lies ahead for the beauty industry once things are back to normal?

SDB: There is this whole wave talking about the new normal and the post-Covid-19 era, to which I feel while offline retail has its own charm of stepping out and shopping, e-commerce will continue to take the forefront as people are still paranoid about this pandemic and the casualties that have occurred due to it and in all fairness they have every right to be. The beauty industry will of course continue to grow and will resume to almost normal however, the foreseeable future seems to be predominantly focused on digital presence and online retail.

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