Tall Claims And Not Much Else: These 6 Beauty Products Don’t Deserve A Place In Your Vanity


If there’s one thing I’m guilty of, it’s owning more beauty products than I need. My mother used to threaten to evict me because there would be creams and masks lying everywhere. Now, I’m a grown-up (kind of) who’s learnt that hoarding beauty products is unhealthier than getting yourself into a situationship. It’s easier said than done especially with a job like mine, I am constantly receiving more products than I have space for. Add to it the virality of certain products, and I am a hoarder again.

All thanks to these, most of us have made impulsive purchases that we don’t need. I mean, does your skin require a 24K gold sheet mask? The answer is a resounding no. While there are quite a few effective beauty products in the market that we’re always going to keep repurchasing there are also a select few which are a total waste in my opinion. 

Here’s what you should be throwing out of your vanities and never purchasing again, I know I won’t be.

Nail hardeners

I fell prey to the claims of nail hardening products for years and used them regularly in an attempt to fix my brittle nails. However, even if I used the best brands, nothing seemed to work on my nails at all. Essentially nail hardeners are formulated to protect your nails against damage caused by extensions or even poor health by reinforcing the nail plate. However, most of the time they come with ingredients such as formaldehyde and formalin, which do the opposite of what they’re supposed to! I discovered that cuticle oil was more effective in strengthening my nails as compared to nail hardeners.

Topical collagen creams


Many may call this a controversial opinion but topical collagen has no efficacy at all. As an ingredient, collagen promises you firmer and tighter skin with time, however, that only works if it’s ingested or injected into your body. Topical collagen creams do a great job of moisturising your skin but don’t do anything at all to improve fine lines and wrinkles. Instead of relying on expensive collagen creams that don’t deliver on their promise, choose ingredients such as retinol or peptides that work well topically and ingest the collagen!

Eyeshadow primer


As someone who can’t go a day without adorning her eyelids with eyeshadow, I’m here to say that eyeshadow primers are a scam. The function of this product is to prime your eyelids for eyeshadow application so that the colours are more vivid and the glitters sparkle more. Call me basic, but I’d rather save my money and some vanity space by just using a concealer with a long-staying formula to prime my lids instead.

Blue light skincare


It’s always exciting to see skincare formulated using innovative formulas and ingredients. But once in a while, you come across something that’s marketed as an effective solution to a particular concern when it’s nothing but a gimmick. Blue light skincare is at the top of that list. These products are designed to protect your skin against the harmful effects of blue light emitted from our electronic devices. However, there’s little to no research backing the fact that blue light skincare is effective at reversing damage caused by electronic devices.

Sheet masks


We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again—sheet masks are an absolute waste of money. Not only are these single-use sheet masks detrimental to the environment but they’re also an unnecessary step in your skincare routine. The active ingredients that are present in these sheet masks are also found in products such as serums or moisturisers—a better bet.

Cellulite creams

The beauty industry loves bottling up our insecurities and selling ‘solutions’ to these insecurities to us. One such insecurity this industry has capitalised on is cellulite. We’ve been sold tubs of creams that promise to help us get rid of cellulite, something that is a completely natural part of our bodies. Instead of using body care products to reduce the appearance of cellulite, invest in body care products which help you maintain healthier and softer skin.

- Beauty Writer


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