Beauty Unplugged: Charlotte Tilbury In Conversation With ELLE India


The beauty landscape has changed dramatically over the last decade–it’s more inclusive and dynamic than ever and has something to offer to everyone who steps in. For this special issue, Beauty Unplugged we spoke to global experts and trend creators about how they’ve helped shape the industry, what it means to be in the business in current times and how the landscape has changed.

Charlotte Tilbury has always taken the artistic side of make-up seriously, which shows in everything from her collaborations with the biggest stars to the products she creates. Having worked with A-listers, including Kate Moss, Amal Clooney, and Penélope Cruz, Tilbury’s approach to make-up is all about day-long glam.

ELLE: When it comes to Charlotte Tilbury products, the one feature that sets it apart is the glow. Was it always what you wanted to do with the make-up line?

Charlotte Tilbury (CT): That’s the magic of my brand. Everyone always calls me the queen of glowing skin, as I’m known for helping my celebrity clients achieve healthy, radiant- looking skin. I wanted to bottle my red carpet secrets to bring them to everyone, everywhere, so they, too, can feel and look like the most beautiful version of themselves. My brand started with my award-winning, best-selling Magic Cream. It is available exclusively on Nykaa in India for all those looking to try it. Working backstage with supermodels and stars, I needed an immediate skin revival moisturiser that could transform the look of everyone’s skin on demand. I always say you can’t have a beautiful painting without a canvas. I always start by prepping the skin with my instant turnaround Magic Cream moisturiser – I call it the magic dew of youth and luminosity in a jar.

ELLE: Tell us about your beauty routine?

CT: I begin my three-step magic skin routine with the Goddess Cleansing Ritual, which contains lemon, rose, and bergamot oils to uplift and energise. Next, I massage 4-6 drops of the Magic Serum Crystal Elixir into clean, dry skin – it’s like a youth superfood for the skin. I always finish with the Magic Cream to give me gorgeous, glowing skin.

ELLE: If you must choose two of your favourite products from your brand, what would they be?

CT: That’s like asking me to choose between my favourite children. But if I had to choose just two products, it would have to be Magic Cream and the global, sell-out sensation the Pillow Talk lipstick.

ELLE: When you work on developing a new product, what do you base it on?

CT: We don’t follow trends in the market; we create them. We spend a long time on each formula to make it perfect. We also innovate in application delivery systems by using my artistry and expertise to create products that are easy to choose, use, and understand.

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