Interested In Exploring Healing Crystals? Here’s Everything You Need To Know

Healing Crystal

The collapse of old systems has led to increased re-evaluation of our lives.  Alternative therapies are making way for new and improved living. Acting as a source of comfort during times of crisis, healing crystals are all the rage right now. From Adele to Victoria Beckham, we’ve heard multiple celebrities express their love for their crystals, so we got in touch with some experts in the field to find out everything a beginner needs to know: 


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Best Crystals For A Beginner 

“Crystals of various types hold the capacity to embody different kinds of energies and are used to release us from our emotional pains through alternate healing. They are known to open our chakras, manifest intentions and bring positivity in our life.” shares Mrs Monica Dedhia, Founder of Bodh Gem and Crystals. The best beginner crystals she recommends to start out with are Black Tourmaline, Jasper, Carnelian, Yellow Agate, Tiger’s Eye, Smoky Quartz, Rose Quartz and Green Aventurine based on your intent or chakras. 

Describing the properties of each crystal she says, “The Rose Quartz Crystal ( associated with the Heart Chakra) helps promote love and happiness.

The Tiger’s Eye and Yellow Agate Crystal (associated with the Solar Plexus Chakra) helps reinforce courage, confidence, and prosperity.

The Carnelian Crystal (associated with the Sacral Chakra) helps promote self-confidence and courage. 

The Jasper, Smoky Quartz and Black Tourmaline Crystals (associated with the Root Chakra) help promote grounding and balance.”


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Adding to the discussion, Jaishree Hotchandani, Founder of Prizzzim Crystal Shop India says, “Clear Quartz, Amethyst and Lapis Lazuli would also be ideal for beginners since many of us face the following issues in our day to day life.

The Clear Quartz Crystal (associated with the Crown Chakra) is good for clarity, decision making, clearing one’s mind of negative thoughts and focus. It’s great for anyone with a career related to healing, law, teaching, building, designing and writing. 

The Amethyst Crystal (associated with the Third Eye Chakra) primarily works on the mind and is good for helping one make efficient decisions, simplifying complex matters, enhancing intuition and most importantly helps open your mind to learning and creating more for yourself. It’s great for anyone with a career related to a lot of mind work such as scientists, engineers and entrepreneurs.

The Lapis Lazuli Crystal (associated with the Throat Chakra) is good for communication, creativity and self-encouragement. It’s great for anyone with a career related to a powerful voice such as politicians, social workers, salespeople, artists and musicians.” 


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Different Ways To Use Healing Crystals

“Different crystals work on different issues in our lives. Apart from using them to heal your mind and body, they can also be used to work on chakras, cleansing the energy of your room or house, they alter the vibrational level of the space that results in a more peaceful and calm atmosphere. This is why many established healers, lawyers and businessmen place geodes (uncut & unpolished raw crystals) in their office buildings.” reveals Jaishree Hotchandani. “Crystals can be worn as jewellery or can be kept in the house\workspace as crystal trees, paperweights, coasters, raw clusters etc. Tumbles, generators, pyramids or pointers can also be used while meditating,” adds Mrs Monica Dedhia. You can also incorporate them into your beauty routine with crystal gua shas and face rollers. 


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Identifying The Right Crystal For Yourself

“There are two ways of identifying a crystal for yourself, ” says Jaishree Hotchandani. “You will naturally get attracted to a crystal when you look at it or hold it. So when a crystal knows it can help heal you, it chooses you! Alternatively, you can pick a crystal related to your issue, for example when people have heartbreaks they are usually recommended rose quartz, rhodochrosite or Kunzite since these can help heal and open your heart to all the upcoming relations.” she adds.


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Cleansing And Charging Crystals 

“Generally, cleansing your crystal is the only way to restore its natural state. It will also help to strengthen your connection with the crystal. The more you use a stone the more it should be cleansed.” reveals Mrs Monica Dedhia. There are multiple ways on how one can clean their crystals, some of them are:

– Wash them in running water.

– Rinse in saltwater & charge them on a full moon night.

– Pray over them or place them next to you while praying.

– With music— we listen to music to refresh ourselves, same with our crystals!

– Cleansing with fragrance and sage— light a scented candle, use essential oils or burn sage leaves to cleanse your crystals in the smoke.” she adds.

Jaishree Hotchandani reveals how one can charge their crystals. “Place them under the moonlight of a full moon to energize or keep the crystal in your meditation spot to charge and sync with your energy” she says. Keep your affirmations and intention in mind as you meditate over your crystals to charge them with that vibration. The most important ingredient is your belief. 


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Busting Myths About Healing Crystals 

“Who said crystals are only for the mind and healing, science considers them very important! A quartz crystal forms a very important component of a USB that we usually use for memory storing purposes. The Crystal Shungite is used to absorb Electromagnetic radiation from devices. In 1996, Sir Harold Kroto, Richard Smalley and Robert Curl had won a Nobel Prize for the discovery of fullerenes. Fullerenes are basically hollow molecular carbon cages that are embedded in Shungite. Shungite’s special and unique structure makes it possible to neutralize the EMFs. Crystals are also used in the internal structure of a lighter!” shares Jaishree Hotchandani. 

Another myth is that one cannot wear multiple crystals together which Mrs Monica Dedhia says is not true. “Multiple crystals can be worn together as every crystal has its unique healing property. They do not negate each other’s powers if used together. They will find a synergy to aid your journey and work in the most beneficial way for you.” she concludes. 

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