5 Times Bella Hadid Served Up Some Major Fashion Inspiration

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Being a late 90s kid, the first sight of low-rise jeans and granny sweaters gives me nostalgia (I am sure my fellow classmates agree.) but I am not sure how I feel about it. Don’t get me wrong, while we’re thrilled to be reliving our adolescent years, we’re not exactly jumping with joy at some of these trends making their way back into our closets. Think butt-crack revealing low-rise jeans you know why it strikes terror in my heart. However, thanks to Bella Hadid and her fresh aesthetic, the model has repopularized the noughties (the 70s/80s/2000s) but with a new spin this time around (thank god). With her model-off-duty flair, the fashion enthusiast keeps us entertained and has us hooked. Whether it’s a stroll in the park, a pilates session, or just walking around town her chic looks are attainable and easy to replicate. So if you’re experiencing a sartorial rut, don’t panic. Bella serves up some sartorial inspiration and we are breaking it down for you. If this fashion muse preaches it, we’re wearing it!

A 70s Baby

If there’s anyone that knows how to turn heads every time she steps out, it’s Bella Hadid. The supermodel channeled some retro vibes as she stepped out for dinner, sporting a stunning chocolate brown halter neck dress that plunged to her belly button, and her knee-high white boots. The dress screams 70s when risque was in and flirty silhouettes were du jour.

Fit me up

Even the gas station turns into a runway for this supermodel. Bella Hadid’s red carpet and runway appearances already us in love. Then she went to a gas station looking effortlessly chic, flaunting her toned midriff, in a black crop top and some baggy pants, finished with some white sneakers.

Talk Business

You know she means serious business when she wears a shirt. Bella Hadid redefined business casual with her striped button-down shirt and straight-fit pants as she headed into a  meeting. Do you want to amp up your work style? Grab a cue from Bella Hadid’s fashion playbook.

Work it

No one does athleisure better than the queen herself. Blessing us with some major fitspo with her spiffy ensembles, she rocks abs and the white socks trend with equal ease. That flat stomach has me seriously questioning my fitness choices (Brb, on my way to a pilates class)

Y2K Bug

While the supermodel doesn’t need an excuse to look this gorgeous, Bella Hadid stepped out with her sister Gigi and brother Anwar on the occasion of her 25th birthday, looking like an absolute star in a black crop top and a matching skirts. She capped the look with her signature knee-high boots.

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