Bella Hadid’s Fresh Roster Of Looks Is A Masterclass In Making A Comeback Post Going Goblin Mode

Bella Hadid

Bella Hadid’s candid account of her struggles with fame and the perils of working in this industry have earned her a tight-knit fanbase – one I too, am a part of. After publicly taking a break from modelling and battling a couple of health issues, the supermodel is back on the public radar with the launch of her fragrance brand, Orebella.

Thus ensue the countless public appearances and media engagements, which by the way, Bella Hadid has been masterfully nailing on the sartorial grounds. From taking vintage Cavallis for a spin to trusting Sabato’s cherry red vision, her fresh roster of looks is incredibly curated, to say the least. Our fashion girlie is finally back on the block and we couldn’t be happier.

Let’s peruse through some of our new favourites:

Blissful Float

Bella Hadid

It’s…giving…watercolour? And I mean this in the best way possible. The ethereal YSL number featured a cape-like overcoat, lending a more modest tinge to the otherwise sheer ensemble. Her stylist knows exactly what she’s doing and we couldn’t be happier.

Vixen Mode

Vintage Roberto Cavalli for the win. Currently occupied with the launch of her fragrance brand Orebella, the supermodel was seen stepping out in an archival piece from the brand’s SS ’03 lineup. Doused in maximalism yet tasteful in its make, the sultry corseted number will surely birth a ton of knockoffs in the coming weeks, undoubtedly.

Lacy Liaisons

Bella Hadid was spotted wearing a white strapless dress from Rokh’s fall 2024 collection, which included a drop-waist skirt with an asymmetrical hemline and diagonal ruffles. Boasting a strapless corset top with a sheer lace torso panel, the classic holiday dress doubles up as a worthy summer essential, one you can wear to high-stakes events in the scorching heat.

Light As A Feather

Bella was seen wearing a nude slipdress with a mesh overlay and 3D butterfly add-ons, over a mildly corseted bodice. The model’s love for vintage pieces is probably well known to fans of her wardrobe, and this ensemble, which features a dress from John Galliano’s Dior Spring 2004 collection, exemplifies that practice to the T.

Gucci Gang

Looks like the office siren tide isn’t dying anytime soon. This Gucci outing by Bella Hadid seamlessly amalgamates her own style whilst embracing Sabato’s reimagined aesthetic for the Italian Maison. Loving the chunky platforms and the pop of cherry red.

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