Bella Vita Organic celebrates gender-neutral skincare with Milind Soman as their new brand ambassador

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The beauty and wellness industry is evolving and it’s great to see the generic ideologies changing. Today, people have started seeing beauty from a wellness standpoint and have stopped subscribing to beauty norms that are biased. It is thus a refreshing moment to see conventional images on gender and beauty being cast aside. Given all these changes, what’s better is that we finally have a brand that caters to this new wave of ideologies. Bella Vita Organic (BVO), a new age Ayurveda skincare brand is strengthening its stand to simplify skincare for its consumers.

By roping the iconic Milind Soman as their brand ambassador, they are breaking through the clutter and celebrating the space of gender-neutral skincare for all. It is not an exaggeration when we say that millions of people today are inspired by Milind to live a fit and clean life. He has led by example time and again, breaking the stereotypes in fitness, or rather overall wellness, and proved that age is just a number. By bringing Milind on board, Bella Vita Organic strengthens its stand to simplify skincare with effective Ayurvedic formulations for modern-age skincare enthusiasts. Therefore, as a pioneer in the industry, the brand is taking sustainable and inclusive skincare to the next level simplifying the self-care space for everyone.

Self-care is for everyone, and inspires people across age and gender. BVO as a brand understands this and has taken a progressive approach to address the self-care needs of the modern-day consumer. Whether it’s through their carefully curated organic product lines or their collaboration with Milind, the brand aims to bring a positive shift toward modern-age skincare and wellness for all, and we’re here for it!

And when Milind says BVO products simplify the self-care routine, we believe it. If you’re wondering what we’re talking about, check out his Instagram handle featuring the collaboration video with them. We couldn’t miss the opportunity to know more about this groundbreaking collaboration from the man himself. Here’s what he had to say about it, “I am all for anything natural. Eating papaya & applying some leftovers on my skin has always been my go-to thing. Bella Vita Organic focuses on clean and natural solutions, which resonates with my own belief, making it my first ever Brand Endorsement in the skincare space. My skincare regime is also about simplifying self-care from head to toe.”


1.Tell us more about your first impressions of using BVO’s ayurvedic products?

 I was impressed. I believe in their mantra of being the new-age ayurveda. Their belief is that when everything upgrades to fit the necessities of modern life: why not ayurvedic products. I agree that modern problems require modern solutions.

 2.What common misconceptions do you see people have about skin care these days? 

That skincare is somehow rocket science. I have grown up around people who had a bright glow regardless of their age or their in ability to access the products of the modern world out there. Ayurveda is amazing, and always has been. Bella Vita Organic believes in using the simplicity of Ayurveda to simplify selfcare. Which really is necessary: people don’t need a complex routine in their already complicated schedules. 

3.Any skincare mistakes you have personally learned from?

 Not me in particular, but I was aware of the general perception men had about skincare. Largely, men have been advertised face wash and body soap and like maybe 2-3 other products. But skin is skin regardless of gender. It’s the largest organ of the body with extremely important functions, besides looking good. Everyone should make an effort to keep it healthy. 

4.How has your approach toward skincare and beauty changed over the years? 

It’s always been minimal, even when I was a model and even now as an actor. When I am working, I very rarely use make-up, only when there is a special look required. Perhaps because of a healthy lifestyle since childhood, home food, a huge amount of outdoor activity, and mental positivity that I learnt from competitive sport, I always had healthy skin. I have been lucky.

 5.You come from an industry where many succumbed to unrealistic beauty standards, how did you manage to break the stereotype?

 By being myself. And loving it.

With Bella Vita Organic, you’re not only upgrading your skincare routine, you’re buying new-age Ayurveda gender-neutral skincare products that navigate you through every step of your self-care journey.

Check out their products on their official website:

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