Best Makeup Looks According To Your Zodiac Sign

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If you always gravitate towards that one makeup stash in your vanity, your stars are to be blamed. From fiery hot reds to subdued nudes and MLBBs, your zodiac sign has an integral role and reflects in your choices. Curious to know what look suits your star sign the best? Here’s decoding the best makeup looks for each of the 12 signs!

Aries, As Hot As Fire


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Fiery and boss lady-like, Ariens make every day lit with their eternal power and fire. Attracted towards vibrancy, the verve in them makes them opt for all things bold and hot such as strobed skin and red lips.

Taurus, A Timeless Classic


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Living for the au naturale looks, Taureans feel the best in their own skin and stick to classic looks that never runs out of style. A muted face suits perfectly, with fresh skin, nude lips and fluttery lashes.

Gemini, Double-Edged Glamour

Geminis often have a hard time making a choice, thanks to their twin personalities. Colour-blocking is best-suited for you to have the best of both worlds. Contrasting eyes and lips or dual-tone eyelids, you decide!

Cancer, The Girl Next Door


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Bubbly and full of life, a Cancerian will woo you with their unpredictable nature. Rosy blushed cheeks on dewy skin are the perfect extension of their personality.

Leo, Born Diva


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Exuding absolute diva vibes, Leos are trendsetters and statement-makers. Their compelling beauty deserves all the sheen and shine with a full face of glossy or metallic makeup.

Virgo, Miss Perfectionist


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Virgos are a little too obsessed with everything proper. One of the rare species to be able to perfect the wing on both eyes.

Libra, Aesthetic Lovers

Art and aesthetic is the easiest way to get to a Libran’s heart. The trendy soap brows are visually pleasing and nothing less than art, making it a good fit for Librans.

Scorpio, Smokin’ Hot

Scorpios have a soft spot for bold, dramatic and almost gothic make-up. A sultry smokey eye makeup would work best for these ultra-passionate beauties.

Sagittarius, Thriving on Thrill


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Sagittarians love experimenting and so graphic liners are their best bet! But they also love to break the rules; how about some music festival vibes? 

Capricorn, Distinct Charm

Capricorns are all for simple living, high thinking, and the same is seen in their beauty choices too. An elegant no-makeup makeup look is their go-to option.

Aquarius, Creative Enthusiast


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Mood swings and Aquarians go hand-in-hand. Exhibit your ardour for creativity through colourful and quirky makeup. Play around with eyeshadows, colourful mascaras and lip colours. 

Pisces, Soft & Subtle


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Pisces are daydreamers and have delicate feminine choices. A soft makeup look with foxy eyes and nude pink lips is their comfort makeup.

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