ELLE Carnival Partner: Where Sustainability Meets Style: Bhawika Bajaj Celebrates Modern Cuts That Are Rooted In Tradition

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Gather around! It’s time to indulge in the best of fashion, beauty and all things fabulous. ELLE Carnival 2023 is here. This is a two-day extravaganza in association with the Phoenix Palladium on March 18 and 19, 2023. Mark your calendars and get ready to fill your day with great company, music, fashion, beauty, and food. Luxury brands and designer labels, it’s all here. Stock up on your beauty vanity, refresh your wardrobe. See you there.

The label Bhawika Bajaj was born out of pure love for fashion and individuality. Its mission is to be a global platform for ethical luxury with playfully feminine designs made with ethically sourced sustainable fabrics and a touch of intricate craftsmanship.

Bhawika Bajaj has a blend of modern cuts and silhouettes with classic techniques. Add to the mix their finely detailed embellishments, and you have got yourself statement pieces with a touch of charm to any wardrobe. Their jumpsuits with adjustable cords, and fun, intricate details are perfect to throw on when you want to make an entrance and do so with sophistication. A wardrobe must-have is their cropped blazer in shades of calming blue and yellow, complete with resplendent embroidery.

Taking an ethical approach to fashion and its community, the label champions transparency and organic resourcefulness. Every step of the process is influenced by its ecological impact and focused on three key pillars: humanity, traditional roots, and environmental welfare. They work almost exclusively with handloom fabrics, each piece hand-dyed, every scrap of fabric finding its way to an outfit, creating fashion that is good for you and the environment.

Bhavika Bajaj is for the curious, the compassionate, and the global citizen. The label seeks to build a circular world of creators, curators, and consumers. Thoughtful design, education, and tools for connecting take center stage in this label with elevated pieces in soothing colors.

For the label, sustainability means delivering exclusivity today while laying the foundation for another tomorrow.

Mark your calendars for the Mumbai edition of ELLE Carnival 2023 in association with Phoenix Palladium on March 18–19. Catch Bhawika Bajaj at the two-day fiesta while enjoying everything fashion, beauty, and food!

Presenting Sponsor: Birkenstock; Gifting Partner: L’occitane; Hydration Partner: Vedica Spring; Venue: Phoenix Palladium

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