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“Eyes are windows to your soul”. They reflect people’s true emotions and feelings. From increased sun exposure to excess screen time, the delicate skin around the eyes keeps getting affected. Lifestyle choices like smoking, improper sleep cycle etc. further result in thinning of the under eye skin and puts focus on the underlying veins. Nobody likes dull, tired and wrinkly eyes right? Under Eye issues not just make one look older, tired and unhealthy, but can also be a big self-esteem issue for a lot of people. Dark circles, wrinkles, eye bags and puffiness around eyes are some of the common skin problems which are considered as a bane to most men/women.

With thousands of products claiming to treat it and hundreds of DIYs and face massage articles, it often becomes difficult for us to take notes of the best Under-Eye Care regimen to follow. Wonder how to get rid of dark circles but don’t know where to start? Let’s not waste your precious time and present ‘thou’ with the perfect beauty bible to follow, for the heavenly under-eyes you’ve always wished to have!

STEP 1 – Beauty Gym

Everybody loves a nice massage when the muscles get tired and twisted. The kneading and caressing not just help ease the pain but also release our stress (most importantly, it feels sooo good right?) Now think about those facial muscles which keep stretching our skin because of the never-ending activities like various expressions, even blinking. No regular gym could tone your countenance. The solution? Facegym/Beauty gym!

Spending only some minutes incorporating Face yoga in your daily beauty regime has a number of benefits –

  • Stimulates Blood Circulation
  • Improves Lymphatic Drainage around the eyes
  • Minimises appearance of Wrinkles and Fine Lines
  • Tightens & Tones your facial muscles
  • Boosts Collagen & Skin Elasticity
  • Eases any built-up tension
  • Creates a natural flush

Want to try Face Yoga for yourself? Do try out these amazing Face Yoga techniques by Vibhuti Arora – for your under eye woes.

STEP 2 – Face Tools FTW!


Although Face Yoga can deliver the same benefits to your skin with or without tools, accompanying it with different crystals/materials used in tools provide added benefits to your regimen. Where Jade helps boost new skin cells, Rose Quartz purifies and detoxifies skin.
House of Beauty provides a number of other pro tools which helps in easy distribution of the skincare products, highly beneficial in dark circles removal, helps in relaxing your overworked muscles and leaves you with a soothing skin –

Face Rollers & Guasha

Face Sculptors & Massagers

Ice Rollers

Ice Globes

Kansa Wand

Tap here to try House of Beauty’s Face tools yourself!


Hydration is the key to healthy and even-toned under eyes. Topical dose of hydration along with drinking enough water can help you get rid of dark and dull eyes. Go for Under Eye Serums & Under Eye Creams and use it religiously to see the magic. You can also follow it by Under Eye patches to lock in the moisture. Right Layering and creating a ‘moisture sandwich’ is the key to get the most out of your Under Eye Skincare routine.

Buy House of Beauty’s Under Eye care range here!

STEP 4 – Sundays DIY Rituals

From watching cartoon shows early mornings on Sundays to the hungover Sundays we have now, we all grew up. One thing stays consistent – DIY recipes with our grandma’s kitchen secrets! Well you’re in luck! Check out the video for a miraculous DIY recipe for your under eyes goals.

STEP 5 – I “C” You !

Your skin reflects everything you eat. Integrating the superfood Vitamin C in your routine is ideal for radiant and glowing under eyes. Taking Vitamin C supplements is your step closer to youthful skin. It has great Anti-Ageing properties that not just helps in renewal of dead skin cells but also plumps and hydrates the skin, resulting in less visible fine lines and dark circles.

Click here to shop House of Beauty’s VITAMIN C W/T ZINC & VIT D to start seeing visible results in your Under Eye area. 

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