The Bira91 X Crocs Collaboration Celebrates The Spirit Of Creativity


With the coming of summer, Crocs, Inc. is back again with another collaboration. Setting itself apart with an out-of-the-ordinary partnership with Bira91, the global footwear brand is placing itself at the crossroads of creativity and self-expression. Featuring the India-exclusive Bira91 X Crocs Classic Unisex Clog, this limited-edition product interweaves Crocs’ commitment to individuality with Bira91’s flavourful yet refreshing enthusiasm. This high synergy collaboration paints a vibrant and fashionable portrait of style, catering to Crocs’ brand ethos of ‘Come As You Are’.

The Bira91 X Crocs Collaboration

The Bira91 X Crocs Classic Unisex Clog is a limited-edition shoe created for urban Indians and celebrates Crocs’ idea of ‘Come As You Are’ as the collaboration brings together some of India’s greatest creative minds to celebrate the spirit of self-expression. The India-exclusive product is decorated with vibrant, colourful outlines of Bira91’s iconic monkey mascot in its signature colours, set off against a black undertone.

Adding an element of customisation to the clog design, Jibbitz™ charms are created based on Bira91’s distinctive insignia, including its well-known monkey mascot and its signature “91” image denoting India’s country code, among other Bira91 retail store components. Each pair of Classic Clogs will come pre-fitted with six Jibbitz™ charms featuring a collection that has a bold, vibrant aesthetic.

Crocs, Inc. has also teamed up with some of India’s top creative minds for an interesting teaser video as part of the launch. Celebrating the independence of the creative community, the video features background music by well-known hip-hop artist MadStarBase. Vibrant images by artist Nori Norbhu expand the creative canvas. Dancer and choreographer Divya Easwaran joins famed Indian Hip hop dancer Ben’s moves in embracing the beat.

Having selected the artists for the campaign based on their distinctive aesthetics and contributions to India’s artistic and cultural environment, Crocs, Inc. and Bira91 celebrate the spirit of creativity and perfectly highlight the campaign ‘Come As You Are’ in its own unique way.

The Bira 91 X Crocs collaboration is available on the Crocs official web store. The Bira91 X Crocs Classic Unisex Clogs will be available for sale at INR 5995 at select Crocs stores,,, Bira91 Merch store and

- Junior Fashion Writer

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