Move Over Pink, Blue Eyeshadow Is Going To Be Everywhere In 2024

Blue eyeshadow

2022 was the year of pastels with ‘Veri Peri’ taking over and 2023 was undoubtedly the year of pink with ‘Barbiecore‘ dominating everything. 2024 will be a year full of blues, the good kind. While we enjoy watching pop culture and our favourite celebrities influence colour trends, seeing them trickle down straight from the runway to our mood boards is more exciting. Blue will undoubtedly be the colour of the year with Versace and Pierre Cardin choosing blue eyeshadow as their weapon of choice.

If you don’t trust fashion runways as a source of trendspo, let Pinterest convince you that this colour is going to be everywhere this season, especially with eye makeup. Searches for ‘blue eyeshadow aesthetic’ have skyrocketed by 65% on the platform and searches for ‘aqua makeup’ by a whopping 100%. With blue, it’s never just a simple blue, there’s lapis, turquoise and our favourite—cerulean. Yes, we’re always going to quote The Devil Wears Prada. Always been touted as a calm and soothing hue, this colour is all set to take over in 2024. However, just like most beauty trends, this isn’t a brand-new one. The ’90s and early ’00s adored their frosty and denim blue tones everywhere.

Here are a few ways you can sport the colour on your eyes, don’t worry we’ve got a little something for everyone.

Colour me holo

All the rave girlies, this one is for you. Reflective and holographic shimmers will allow you to make your eyes pop with minimal effort. If you’re looking for some glitz and glamour in your eyes, use a holographic blue shimmer on the inner corners of your eyes only till the centre of your eyelids. Apply the eyeshadow with your fingers for the shiniest effect and blend it with any cool-toned matte eyeshadow.

Denim magic


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A classic 90s favourite, denim blue has made a resurgence and is one of the easiest ways you can sport blue on your eyes. Opt for a matte blue eyeshadow that isn’t extremely pigmented and apply it all over your eyelids. Ensure that you blend the eyeshadow enough to give it a diffused look.

Aquatic hues

Mermaidcore is still reigning supreme and the runways give plenty of proof of that. The shows of Conner Ives and Pierre Cardin are proof that aquatic tones aren’t going out of style anytime soon. If bright blues aren’t your hue choose aquatic colours that are lighter. Apply the eyeshadow all over your eyelids and blend it without a transition shade. To dive into the mermaidcore vibe use a silver eyeshadow topper over your eyeshadow.

Vivid sapphire


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Some of us enjoy making a splashing statement with our eyes. This bright, jewel-toned hue of blue that has hints of sparkle in it is perfect for that. Use a warm brown on the crease of your eyelid as a transition shade for this. Use your fingers to apply sapphire eyeshadow for the full effect followed by using a icy shimmer on the inner corner to make them pop.

The Naughty Navy

This one’s for all the girlies who love experimenting with their eyes. Playing around with monochrome hues of the same colour is always exciting for some maximalist glamour. Choose a navy blue kohl pencil which is creamy in texture to give yourself an eyeliner, using an angled brush will help you ace the precision. Extend your cat eye for a slightly dramatic wing and then accentuate it with various hues of shimmering blue eyeshadow.

Supermodel ice


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Who doesn’t love a crossover between two beauty trends? Supermodel eyeshadow is a beauty trend that never left our mood boards. Characterised with matte eyeshadows with a soft cut crease, not only is this versatile but it’s also something that adds an extra oomph to your look. Instead of the usual earthy brown tones on the eyelid, opt for a pastel blue hue instead.

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