Berry Good: The Latest Manicure Trend Celebrities Are Obsessed With Is Called Blueberry Milk Nails

Blueberry milk

As much as I love giving Barbiecore nails the spotlight, it’s time to let newer and cooler nail trends take centrestage. While hues of pink with funky designs were on everyone’s manicure mood board, they’re about to be dethroned by the latest nail trend that’s gotten Dua Lipa’s stamp of approval. Blueberry milk nails are the newest manicure trend taking the internet by storm.

As the name suggests, blueberry milk nails piggyback on the milky nail trend and add a cool blue twist. These nails have the same creamy milk base the iconic milk bath manicure did since it prevents the final look from appearing flat. With a wash of pale blue over it, this nail trend is the perfect blend between luxury and cool-girl style. Unlike bright, jarring colours that may be a little extra for manicures, the blueberry milk mani gives your nails a pop of subtle colour whilst keeping it minimal.

We’ve rounded up some of our favourite blueberry milk designs that have nudged us to make an appointment at the salon.

The OG

I’m happy to report that the ‘Skin’ singer, Sabrina Carpenter was one of the first celebrities to hop on the blueberry milk nail trend bandwagon. She was seen sporting a solid-coloured, short-lengthed manicure on her recent vacation.

The Pastel


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The next celebrity to embrace blueberry milk nails was none other than Dua Lipa. Rather than going for the original version, she decided to give it a pastel spin, which looks elegant yet edgy at the same time.

Straight Up Blueberry


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The original blueberry milk manicure that went viral featured a monochrome tone that is perfect for when you want to combine understated luxury with some colour instead of keeping it neutral.

Glazed Berries


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Of course, we’re still not over the iconic glazed nail trend created by Zola Ganzorigt, Hailey Bieber’s nail artist. Play around with the design of your manicure a little bit by incorporating different styles into it. Such as this one with a blueberry-hued tip and intricately drawn berries. Top off the design with a silver-toned glaze and you’re good to go.

Did Someone Say French?

French nails are never going out of style. What began as a classic nude nail with a white tip has now become an ever-evolving style that adapts to every nail trend which comes along. For this trend, opt for a gel-like blueberry coloured base and go in with a milkier blue for the tips.

Sheer Magic

Even though the original manicure features a milky base, there’s no rule which says we can’t play around with the textures. Instead of a milky base, choose a sheer base that lets your natural nails peek through.

Reverse Berries

Spruce up your solid blueberry milk manicure by incorporating some minimalist or funky negative space. Add some negative space at the base, near your cuticles for an elegant vibe. Make it a tad bit more fun by painting blueberries there.

Swirly Florals

Swirls may be a dated nail trend but we’re not getting over them anytime soon. If you’re not a fan of French tips or solid manicures and enjoy experimenting with your nails, choose some coloured swirls and florals to enliven things up.

Major Chrome Energy


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Chrome nails are still having a major moment and we’re here for it. Go in with silver-toned chrome dust to add a metallic effect to your blueberry milk nails. If you still want to jazz things up a bit, use a blue glitter polish to give your nails a reverse french manicure.

V-Day Came Early

Yes, we’re months away from Valentine’s Day but that doesn’t mean we can’t have our fun with some hearts. Pair your blueberry milk nails with white and create a design that includes hearts and tiny embellishments.

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