Stunning Blush And Highlighter Trends That Are HAWT RN

Highlighter Trends 2022

No cap but blush and highlighter have to be the most fun part of putting your face together for the day. Sure, the base sets the stage for an eye makeup regime where you need unbroken focus to nail a beautiful look. But working the blush brush and highlighter sticks is just pure, unbridled fun. There is little room for mistakes and you can safely add a soft flush to the complexion while adding sculpting details; so fun! Makeup artists and creators are taking them a bit further and here are the trends that we’re in love with right now.

1. Why It Gotta Be Chrome?


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A little bit editorial and a lot of party, the chrome highlighting trend is a mix of high fashion beauty briefs and a club kid’s end-of-the-night dance floor glisten. If dry skin creases and streaks are your regular worries, use the cream formulations to drape your face. For oilier skin types, powder pigments are perfect for adding pearlised and celestial swipes worthy of a second glance. The Drip Drip chrome powder from I AM EYECONIC will be a worthy investment for anyone trying the chrome way of living.

2. Aura Blush


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There are a couple of ways to decode the colour of your aura – make a date with a spiritual reader, get shot by a Kirlian camera or simply hit the superzoom on your iPhone camera in front of a mirror! But whatever the colour of your aura, the aura blush trend is made for all. Created by mixing pastel eyeshadow with a base pink/red blush and topped with translucent silver highlighting powder, the aura blush steps out of the box to turn your cheeks into heavenly bodies.

3. Glowy Goddess Highlighter

Body highlighter might seem like the hot new thing for Gen Z but back in the early 2010s, we were already mixing out facial highlighter with body lotion to look like Brazilian beauts Adriana Lima and Alessandra Ambrósio. The 2022 update to the body glitter trend is the inclusion of the arms, décolletage contouring and about creating an even-toned and glistening body to match the face. The trend has also caught heat because of the added skincare factor to it; the Glow Body Oil from Sol De Janeiro being eternally sold-out is proof of the same.

4. Alt-Girl Blush


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Popularised by Euphoria star Chloe Cherry, the alt-girl makeup look can be simply explained as ‘goth but make it fabulous’. We’re talking vampy lips, smokey eyes and of course, a complexion that looks like you’ve been frequenting the graveyard in your free time. A favourite among alt-girl makeup lovers is the darker, pigmented blush that changes colour based on the base complexion. We’re talking deep ruby tints, the breakout purple blush and perplexing black blushes that tint your cheeks with a stunning plum shade. FYI, if you’re struggling to find a black blush, opt for a black gloss instead.

5. Yellow Blush


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The prettier sister of the rainbow blush trend, yellow blush is yet another fun alternative for regular reds and pinks. A mainstay in anime-inspired makeup, yellow blush is now making a mainstream appearance, especially with Asian beauty enthusiasts. Since we already have yellow in our skin, this summery pigment accentuates and enhances it without looking too shocking. Since true yellow blushes are few and far between in the market right now, people have been subbing it with yellow shadows and kohl sticks instead.

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