6 Breathtaking Blush Techniques That Will Give You The Perfect Pop Of Colour


I went from abhorring blush on my face to owning over 15 blushes–the epitome of a perfect enemies-to-lovers romance. Blush has been reigning supreme for the past few months, and we’ve got several makeup trends along with product launches to prove that. Personally, I don’t think I could go a day without slapping some blush on my cheeks. While experimenting with your eyes and lips may seem fun to some, a fresh wash of colour over my cheeks.

Countless hours spent scrolling on Instagram have shown me two things specifically— mindless dances are always going to be the rager and that makeup trends will always have blush application in focus. When it comes to blush, there’s so much room to experiment and play around with colours and techniques. Not just us, celebrities like Selena Gomez, Rihanna and Hailey Bieber have a soft spot for blush and their social media feed the testimony.

Blush Trends to Ace the Makeup Game

Dramatic Draping

With maximalist beauty on a rapid rise, blush draping is never going anywhere. Blush draping is nothing but sculpting the face with blush instead of choosing to contour it. It adds an intense wash of colour to your cheeks and temples while also adding some definition to the face. Apart from seeing it on the runways, we saw Rihanna flaunting the perfect draped blush at the 2017 MET gala. Choose a liquid blush of your choice and dab it on your temples, going right down to your cheekbones. To make it a tad bit more dramatic, sweep some powder blush of the same hue over it for intense pigment.

Fakin’ The Tan


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If it were up to me, I’d be getting my tan on somewhere in Bali right now. A smidge of warmness on the cheeks would do all of us some good! Luckily, there’s a blush trend which mimics the whole sunburnt look quite easily. Popularly known as the W-technique, this one involves the application of liquid blush across the bridge of the nose, connecting both cheeks. Liquid blush works like a charm for this because one can play around with the intensity of the product. Fans of over-the-top makeup can choose this method over their base while people who walk the minimalist path can go in with the blush before the base.

Doll Blush

Asian beauty trends have seeped into our routines quite seamlessly. While skincare has always been a hot topic, makeup isn’t far away. This trend follows a unique technique which focuses on hyperplacement of the blush, and the result is a soft, doll-like look. Again, this involves the use of a liquid blush with deep pigment. Fret not, because we’re only going to need a tad bit of it. Blush needs to be applied in the shape of tiny arrows on the outer corner of the eyes, cheekbones, nose and chin too. Use a beauty blender to evenly blend the product, thus creating an angelic look.

Dark Circles Who?


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I’d never imagined using blush on my under eyes, but here we are! Blush trends that promise you a fresh wash of colour on the cheeks are pretty cool, but what’s cooler is blush brightening the under eyes and keeping it natural at the same time. To ace this, begin by adding a small dot of liquid blush in the inner corner of your under eyes followed by applying the concealer of your choice right next to it and blending them together. Set and seal the under eyes with a powder blush of the same hue—you’re going to see a subtle lift of colour on the under eyes that can only be described as magical.

Clean Girl Vibes

The ‘clean girl’ makeup look has been dominating every social media application from Tiktok to Instagram and Pinterest. Characterised by slicked-back hair, radiant skin and the most muted wash of colour on your cheeks, we’ve seen the likes of Hailey Bieber and Kendall Jenner don this. Clean girl blush is an easy-to-follow trend that will spruce up your existing makeup look in a jiffy. Steer clear from highly pigmented liquid blushes and opt for a sheer blush which will give your cheeks a light flush of colour. For the placement, focus on the apples of your cheeks and blend the blush upwards for a sculpted effect.

Best Of Both Worlds


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There’s nothing better than cheeks that are graced with some glow and a dash of colour! Gone are the days when our blinding highlighters could be spotted from a mile away. Right now, it’s all about a radiant colour that is seemingly natural yet striking. The key to mastering this trend is to dot your cheeks with a liquid blush along with dotting a liquid highlighter too. The end result is a lit-from-within glow that’s infused with some colour.



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