Stay Connected And Classy With boAt’s New Premium Lunar Smartwatch Series

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Imagine having the convenience of your smartphone right on your wrist. A device that not only tells time but also tracks your fitness, monitors your health, receives notifications, makes phone calls and looks stylish all the while. We’re sure you’ve already heard a gazillion reasons about how a smartwatch can be your best friend in the journey towards fitness and an overall organised lifestyle conveniently strapped on your wrist, but it’s 2023, and our timepieces need to keep up with the time.

Thankfully, the time has never been smarter. If you haven’t jumped on the smartwatch bandwagon yet or are just looking to get a better one, we (as always) have good news for you. boAt has launched their new premium Lunar Series smartwatches, the Lunar Connect Pro and Lunar Call Pro, and these watches take the smart in smartwatches to a whole new level while looking amazing!

Beauty with brains

These Lunar series smartwatches have reimagined personalization; it’s basically making your own watch face from scratch, thanks to the Watch Face Studio on the boAt Crest app. You have free reign to choose an image that you like, change the colours and fonts, and add cool features that you wish to see on your screen. This new series comes in classic alloy round dials with large AMOLED displays and auto-adjust brightness. They’re available in awesome colours too like Cherry Blossom, Metallic Black, Deep Blue and Charcoal Black. The metallic straps on the Lunar series lend to the collection’s air of exclusivity. Its sleek and sophisticated look will definitely take your style game up a notch.

High on tech

Of course, these smartwatches do the expected job of keeping you on track with your health by giving you customizable training plans, daily energy scores, and activity tracking updates with 700+ Active Modes. But beyond this, boAt goes all premium and steps into the future of timekeeping with this new launch.

The Lunar watches are the industry’s first premium round-dial smartwatches with a lightning-fast Apollo 3.5 chipset equipped with SensAi. And you can make calls with your watch! With their built-in HD microphone and speaker, these watches enable seamless Bluetooth calling with the ability to dial and receive calls from up to 20 stored contacts of your choice. With just a few taps, you can easily reach out to your loved ones and stay connected with them at all times.

The brand has gone a step further and introduced StanceBeam on a wearable, becoming the first brand to do so. There is absolutely no reason for you to pass up getting your hands on this smartwatch if you are a cricket lover.

Performance on par

To all you cricket lovers, this Lunar Series is your soulmate. This ground-breaking StanceBeam sensor in these watches provides data-driven insights to enhance your cricket game to unprecedented levels. SensAI delves deep into your performance by leveraging cutting-edge analytics for both batting and bowling. Your watch will give you feedback on your bowling speed, bat swing, hits and misses, angles, power, and efficiency, as well as tips on how to improve your performance. Better than your cricket buddy, isn’t it?

And it doesn’t disappoint on the must-have feature for any tech product—battery life. Thanks to the Bluetooth BLE v5.0 and an intuitive gesture-based AMOLED display with an ambient light sensor, your new lunar watch won’t run out of juice for as long as 15 days on a single charge. Together with ASAP™ Charge, a mere 30-minute charge can get you back on the road. You can always use power-saving mode and be smart about it (just like your watch).

It’s crazy how much functionality is packed into such a small device; the convenience alone is worth it, but with its cutting-edge features and classy design, the Lunar watch series is sure to be a hit among luxury watch enthusiasts and tech-savvy consumers alike. With this launch, boAt raises the bar for what a luxury smartwatch can be.

This new series is now available at a launch price offer of just INR 3,499 for a limited time only, on, Flipkart, and Amazon with a 1-year warranty period.

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