Boddess.Com Owner Ritika Sharma On Their First Year Anniversary And Launching World’s First Anastasia Beverly Hills Retail Store In India

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Online shopping has never been easier, thanks to the AR/VR technology that allows you to virtually try on the bright pink lipstick or helps you learn more about the right skincare option—all this by sitting on your couch. Boddess is one such brand that offers state-of-the-art virtual consultations along with a wide range of premium beauty brands such as Anastasia Beverly Hills, Laneige and Belief. We talk to founder and CEO Ritika Sharma on their exciting plans for this year.

ELLE: Boddess completed one year, how has the journey been so far?

It has been incredible. In just a year we have built an omnichannel network to connect to our customers. We started with the website, launched an app recently and are set to launch our flagship store this year.

We have expanded in ways where our customers can reach our growing portfolio of brands and engage with our tools and in-house experts to let them explore beauty and grooming in a new and personalised way. We have also been overwhelmed with the response received by celebrities and editors in the industry as we work towards sustained growth and momentum.

ELLE: You started Boddess in the middle of the pandemic, what were the limitations you faced and how did you overcome them?

We saw limited spending power as customers were becoming conscious of their money. This was a big challenge. However, crises brings a set of hidden opportunities as well, that can only be taken advantage of through resilience, agility and relentlessness. We kept our finger on the pulse of the customer, recognised their needs and evolved with these times by exploring new channels to distribute, introducing better offers and maintaining safety measures and hygienic packaging protocol. As a nimble business, acting upon these swift market changes was the only recipe for both survival and success.

ELLE: You are launching world’s first Anastasia Beverly Hills retail store in India, tell us more about it.

We couldn’t be more excited to take on this baton. The store is unique in the sense that it is focussed on aspirational experiential retail, education, high engagement, expert brow services, workshops and unique product try-ons.

ELLE: How have shopping trends changed in recent years?

People are conscious of what they are putting on their skin—safety, performance and trust are some of the parameters customers take into consideration before making a purchase. Women are looking for products tailored for Indian skin and are paying special attention to ingredients. Customers are no longer interested in the 10-step routine, they are more interested in fewer but better quality products.

ELLE: Tell us about the AR/VR technology you have on the website?

Boddess has incorporated Skin Analyzer and Makeup Tool for better customer experience. Skin Analyzer is a skin diagnostic tool that assesses areas like wrinkles, fine lines, blemishes, inflammation, pigmentation, pores and dark circles. This helps customer find the right product for their needs. With the Makeup Tool, one can virtually try on lipsticks, foundation, blush and eye makeup. The Virtual Pro tool along with live virtual consultation allows our in-house experts to explain the product features, ingredients, usage and technique.

ELLE: What’s the next big thing for Boddess?

Boddess is set to launch its retail flagship towards the end of 2021. Our platform is going to introduce exciting portfolios and exclusive international beauty and wellness brands over the next three months. We aim to onboard trendsetting D2C, celebrity brands, local portfolios and fast-growing makeup and skincare ranges across the globe. We aspire to change the way people discover beauty and grooming, forming a real connection with customers, solving their curiosities and equipping them with the right tools.

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