Joe-Le Soap Body Care Products Have Ingredients that Don’t Need a Science Degree To Decipher

Joe-Le Soap

Looking for lotions, soaps and beauty products that suit sensitive or delicate skin can often yield frustrating results. Chemical-laden products end up stripping the skin of moisture or might aggravate sensitive skin, causing breakouts. Not to mention, these are terrible for the environment. In 2018,  Levon Handsome and her husband Joseph set out to produce soaps and butters for sensitive skin. The aim was to create products that did not have irritants, harsh chemicals, or fillers which adversely affect delicate skin.Between the couple, they battled several skin issues, including skin cancer, non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, eczema, and alopecia which furthered their commitment to creating skin-loving products.Thus came about Joe-Le Soap. 

In January 2022, things got difficult for Levon after the passing of Joseph. Despite the huge loss, Levon decided to push on, and carry the legacy forward.

Levon has an unwavering vision- she wants to create a business that grows and thrives but also supports. Joe-Le Soap is women-led and minority-owned. The products are hand-crafted, made in small batches and come with formulas that are gentle on the skin. They are great for dry, itchy skin and can provide the comfort you seek.

Skincare products can often come with a long list of ingredients that can be confusing and scary. Especially if you aren’t armed with a science degree. Joe-Le Soap makes its products by hand in Charlotte, North Carolina. And expect a really small label at the back of your beauty buy from Joe-Le Soap. You will only find simple, easy-to-understand, all-natural ingredients on the list.

The best-sellers list Joe-Le Soap has:

Himalayan Rose Sugar Scrub

The powerhouse for exfoliation, hydration, antioxidants, and skin renewal. Infused with Rose oil, it is renowned for reducing pores, levelling out the skin’s oil production, and minimising wrinkles and fine lines. There’s also hibiscus in this scrub which is great for the growth of collagen, works wonders as an exfoliator, helps to ward off acne, tightens open skin sores, and reduces swelling.

Rosewater & Lavender Bar

Another powerhouse of antioxidants, hydration, and skin rejuvenation, the Rosewater and Lavender Bar is well known for regulating the skin’s oil production, reducing pore size, and smoothing out wrinkles and fine lines. Hibiscus aids in the growth of collagen, works wonders as an exfoliator, fights acne, heals open wounds on the skin, and soothes irritation.

Swap out your name-brand lotions for one that is formulated with your skin’s needs in mind. Skin that is nourished and comforted with Joe-Le Soap. The skincare products they produce are eczema and sensitive-skin friendly thanks to their cutting-edge approach. Their range of products includes body butters, lip conditioners, hair care solutions, sugar scrubs, puppy shampoos and more.

To learn more about Joe-Le Soap or to shop these items, visit

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