Do You Really Need Body Serums In Your Daily TLC Routine?

Body serums are relatively new in the beauty market and have gone viral. Before you start to diss the idea because it’s too much effort, give it a thought because it might take your body care routine to another level. Imagine having radiant skin with just a bit more effort. But before you decide to include it in our routine, let’s discuss if we really need one.

Is Our The Skin On Our Face And Body Different?

The skin on our body is thicker than the skin on our face. Additionally, the size and number of hair follicles, oil glands and sweat glands differ. The smaller skin cells help protect and repair your skin. Areas with more concentration of small skin cells heal more quickly and are better at dealing with injury than large skin cells on the neck and chest.

What Is A Body Serum?

A body serum is very similar to the one used on the face, it is packed with actives and ingredients that have a high-performance aspect. Depending on skin concern, its formulation can differ. Some common ingredients include vitamins, plant extracts and antioxidants. A correct active ingredient can help solve various skin concerns like anti-ageing, repairing damage, hydrating the skin, and preventing acne and scars. The concentration can be low or high according to your concern and the active ingredient used.

Which Ingredients Should You Choose?

Like we have different ingredients for different concerns for our facial serums. The same concept applies to a body serum too. A body serum with AHAs will work to exfoliate the skin leaving it radiant. Serums with antioxidants will prevent skin damage from free radicals and work as an anti-ageing ingredient. If hydration is the goal, then actives like hyaluronic acid and ceramides work best. You easily can include them in your skincare routine.

Things To Consider Before Using A Body Serum?

If you have a skin condition, it’s best to consult your dermatologist before using the products. Pick out ingredients and formulations that address your skin concerns and suit your skin type to get maximum benefits. Make sure to swatch and test them out before going all in. If the serum does not suit the skin it can cause skin conditions like rosacea, eczema or even burns. Hence it is essential to be careful when introducing a product to your daily routine.

How To Use A Body Serum?

Body serums can be used in two ways. It can be applied on damp skin first thing after a shower followed by a moisturiser. If the concentration of the active is higher you can use the sandwich method by applying the moisturiser first, serum second and layering with moisturiser again. Inshort, if you have a specific skin concern to target, body serums can help a great deal. If not, they can be a great way to hydrate and nourish the skin especially during extreme weather conditions.

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