9 Bollywood Cliffhanger Romances We Need Answers About

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More often than not, Bollywood love stories have a similar graph— the meet-cute leads to falling in love (and multiple songs about it) followed by trouble in paradise caused by a misunderstanding or a villain (and a few more songs around it) and eventually a happily-ever-after reunion (and….you guessed it, yet another song). However, sometimes certain budding romances are left at cliffhangers that leave the audience with unanswered questions and unexplored possibilities. Here are 9 such on-screen Bollywood couples that gave me no closure, so I used my imagination and made up scenarios about their future:

1. Ms Braganza and Mr Malhotra from Kuch Kuch Hota Hai

Ms Braganza and Mr Malhotra’s dynamic in Kuch Kuch Hota Hai had us laughing out loud. Even though we don’t get to see our favourite english teacher in the second half of the movie, she surprises us by making an appearance at Anjali’s wedding at the very end. In 2020, Archana Puran Singh left a message for Mr Malhotra on Instagram complaining about him going into lockdown alone which makes me think that they probably didn’t get married but still remain super flirty friends to date. After all, pyaar dosti hai. *wink*

2. Sweetu and Frankie Ramdayal from Kal Ho Na Ho

Sweetu is left heartbroken when Frankie reveals that he’s confused about their relationship and wants to go to London to join the ‘Daler chhaddo saanu dekho’ bhangra group. However, he does make an appearance at Naina and Rohit’s wedding festivities towards the end of the movie, relighting the lamp of hope in Sweetu’s heart. TBH, I don’t think this couple would have stood the test of time. He valued his career more than their relationship and our sweet Sweetu deserves so much better, doesn’t she? #BoyBye.

3. Kaira and Unnamed Furniture Designer (the dreamy Aditya Roy Kapur) from Dear Zindagi 


How can I keep calm not knowing what happens between Kaira and her ‘kursi’ maker in Dear Zindagi especially when this furniture designer is the gorgeous gorgeous Aditya Roy Kapur? I imagine them to have a long-running solid relationship ending with him down on one knee and her finally ready to commit.

4. Nisha and Ajay from Dil To Pagal Hai 


The ending sequence of Dil To Pagal Hai shows Ajay being his flirty self with Nisha. Bonding over heartbreak, this risky rebound would surely be a fun match of two very lively personalities. However, I believe they would end up as best friends rather than lovers.

5. Ayesha Mehra and Sunny Gill from Dil Dhadakne Do


Ayesha would have probably taken her time after the divorce before jumping into another (happier) marriage with Sunny. I see them travelling the world together, possibly even thinking about having their first child and I will not accept any other alternate possibilities.

6. Farah Ali and Kabir Mehra from Dil Dhadakne Do 


This might be an unpopular opinion but I think Kabir and Farah mistook intense infatuation for love. The cruise was just 10 days long for crying out loud, they don’t even really know each other! Off the ship, I don’t think these two would be together for too long.

7. Nuria and Imran Qureshi from Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara


Do I think Imran would move countries and learn Spanish to be with Nuria? Seems unlikely since usey “delhi aur akele rehna dono pasand hai”. Do I think Nuria would leave Spain for him? Not in her right mind at least. Their short-lived, language-transcending romance was super cute while it lasted and maybe they’ll run into each again during Laila’s baby shower.

8. Piku and Rana from Piku


A personal favourite on the list, Piku and Rana’s quiet chemistry and unspoken romance warms my heart. I assume she broke off her relationship with Syed, not because of his condition but because he wasn’t honest about it. The movie ends with Piku and Rana playing badminton in the courtyard of her house signifying the start of their potential life-long relationship together.

9. Riana Braganza and Rahul Kapoor from Ek Main Aur Ekk Tu


Even though the movie ends with Rahul hoping to eventually convince Riana to re-enter the chapel and marry him, I don’t think he’s coming out of the friend zone any time soon. It’ll take time, but he’ll probably accept the reality and finally move on with someone who’s more compatible with him.

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