Bombay Sapphire elevates your usual G&T with the release of the Bombay Paint collection

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What if your gin drinking experience didn’t have to be staid or mundane? You can switch it up and do it in style. One of the most enigmatic brands in the industry has revolutionised your gin drinking experience by introducing the Bombay Paint collection- an edible paint which elevates the appearance and the taste of your drink.

Now available in 7 cities- Delhi, Banglore, Goa, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Pune and Rajasthan- this collection inspires one to experiment with multiple flavours hence proving how versatile the spirit really is.

Bombay Sapphire’s Bombay Paint Collection includes 4 flavours of edible paints. Ranging from an on-brand Sapphire blue hued flavour of Elderflower on the palate; Red Berry; bright yellow that is accentuated by the citrus & sweet notes of Orange & Mango; a refreshing tang of Green Apple, the edible paints are FSSAI approved and are completely safe to consume. By prioritising creativity, the paint collection focuses on showing how adaptable Bombay Sapphire is and inspires consumers to explore multiple possibilities in a glass!

Jonas Ax, Advocacy Lead, Bombay Sapphire says, “The thought behind introducing the Bombay Paint Collection was to enable consumers to delve into an experience that is both immersive and fun, all while highlighting the distinct versatile quality that Bombay Sapphire Gin boasts of. This is made possible through the unique and signature vapour distillation process. The edible paints come in different flavours that mix seamlessly with Bombay Sapphire, making this a serve that everyone can get creative with.”

One of the main focus of the brand is to nurture creativity and highlight the versatility of Bombay Sapphire with multiple flavours of edible paints. The vapour infused spirit, skilfully captures the natural notes of the botanicals which enables the spirit to blend with the various taste profiles of each of the flavours. Hence, the Bombay Paint collection is the perfect addition to elevate your Bombay Sapphire drinking experience.

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