Bombay Sapphire Sunset Is A Limited Edition Gin Infused With Botanicals. Here’s Everything You Need To Know

Bombay Sapphire Gin FI

I am going to have to admit it. I wasn’t exactly a gin person. Actually, in my 20s, I was hardly a particular spirit person given that the aim was to mainly, well, experience the high, dance a lot and hope that I can leave the bar without seeing the bottom of a toilet bowl. Yes, the expectations and and the standards were pretty low. But don’t come at me. There’s no way any millennial’s life was different. Then, I hit the 30s and a new found appreciation for many things was discovered. Like a sturdy pillow. A perfect room temperature (yes, that’s a thing), comfortable shoes and of course, gin. Earlier, gin was in my ‘old people’s drink’ category. It seemed too basic- G&T seemed to be the drink of choice and without the purile sweetness of sugary drinks, I wasn’t fully convinced.

Much of that has now changed given that gin is having a moment (and because I am officially an adult) Mixologists have seen the merit of the versatile spirit in and fabulous cocktails with gin at the core are gracing menus everywhere. Which means that people like me are converts.

Recently, Bombay Sapphire launched its limited edition gin- Bombay Sapphire Sunset. The bottle, featuring a colourful infusion of orange on the label, is all set to become a collector’s item. Made with the new botanical notes-Spanish Mandarin, Golden Turmeric, and Indian Cardamom – the spirit is perfect for sundowners, and a primary server for any sunset occasion. Currently, Bombay Sapphire Sunset is available only in Goa with plans to expand on the anvil.

The bottle was launched with an event in Goa, a sundowner, perfect to showcase the versatility of this drink. The vibe was relaxed, and the bar was busy. Special cocktails for the event were curated and each one was amazing. There was an unveiling, a special live performance and delicious food at Saz On The Beach, the place where the event was being held.

Perfectly balanced and lightly but beautifully spiced, this edition of the Bombay Sapphire gin has me hooked. I see it becoming quite the hit even as the gin revolution takes over the country.

- Digital Editor


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