Botanical Bias Is Making Home Decor More Sustainable And Liveable One Planter At A Time

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Botanical Bias‘ goal is to bridge the gap between nature and your living spaces through sculpturally designed planters, vases, and home décor. Ankit Khurana, an environmental spatial designer, started the company with the goal of making these artefacts stand out in any place while also adding calmness with the addition of plants or light, working with artisanal handcrafting methods, and experimental natural hues to create distinctive products that stand out from the crowd of mass-produced goods.

These pieces can be used to retain light, soil, water, and plants or can stand alone as sculptures and art objects and can be used for a variety of functions, but they are regarded as art because of their distinct and minimal aesthetic, which adds a solid basis to its genesis. Their sculptural planters are designed with their origin in mind, almost as if they formed organically over various landscapes with nature’s luxuriant energy as rivers bend, oceans surround beaches, and flowing water carves rocks.

The new collection features hand-made planters and home décor accessories that bring nature home and are vessels for your botanical expression. The vessels have been designed to be plant homes or planters first but the collection also includes the Oasis, Peninsula, Delta, and Atoll vessels, which can be used as lamps or as water features. Keeping functionality in mind, each piece is structurally sound and designed for both indoor and outdoor use. The designs bring a little bit of the outdoor, indoors. The brand leans heavily into sustainable manufacturing, natural tones, and hand-crafting techniques, ensuring that the vessels and objects can merge and be absorbed back into nature. Handcrafted with porcelain, recycled ceramics, and natural oxide glazes—while merging natural hues like ivory, ash, sand and rust into the stoneware body—the planters, vases, lamps, water features are versatile decor objects that elevate the space they are in.

They designed and installed a large-scale public art installation for the Kala Ghoda Arts Festival in Mumbai, one that became quite the conversation starter. This was a completely eco-friendly and sustainable installation made under the theme “Reviving the Urban Jungle.” The installation inspired visitors to participate further in a green movement to make their cities more environmentally conscious, a need of the hour.

At the festival, Botanical Bias’ work also bagged the award for Top 4 art installations.

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