Tracing The Trajectory Of Brand Virat Kohli: From Puma To One8 And Wrogn, The List Is Extensive

Virat Kohli

A famed sportsperson, a philanthropist, a brand. A big big brand. That’s Virat Kohli for you. He’s also one of my favourite people, like ever, but that’s besides the point. Apart from his cricketing prudence, he’s surprisingly a great actor and dancer – cue his recent PUMA India ad where you can see him flexing the smoothest moves. Like how?

This makes him a favourite of all the brands in the circuit, with many of them vying to sign him and lend magnanimous credibility to their offerings. Remember Virat Kohli’s Clear shampoo ad with Anushka? Iconic. It’s the sense of relatability he brings to the table that adds on to his resume which probably has a 1000 things to boast about.

Let’s decode all his top brand deals and endorsements, because I’m still reeling from the recently held victory parade and need more content around sports to help me come to terms with our beautiful win last week.



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Initially targeting the apparel segment, One8 has diversified itself and is owned by Virat Kohli himself. One8 commune is a very popular culinary off-shoot, revered across cities for their fine dining services. Expecting an invite soon.



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*Virat Kohli signs a 100 crore deal with PUMA India.* *PUMA and Kohli’s association comes to an unfortunate end.* We’ve been subjected to these questionable headlines for quite a while now, but their association stands strong, with the cricketer embodying the spirit of the brand effortlessly. 100 crores? Could be 120 also, who knows.



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The fangirl in me takes pride in owning something from Virat Kohli’s very own Wrogn, an athleisure offering that caters to the affordable segment. Retailing in different parts of the world, outside India, the brand majorly operates out of e-commerce sites and has been a game changer in the market.



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Boost is the secret of my energy! It really was, growing up (I also chugged it raw, will not elaborate further). And turns out they have a milkshake too, endorsed by Kohli? Convenience store hopping is the next thing that’s about to happen as soon as I finish writing this.

American Tourister


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With Kohli’s influence and American Tourister’s innovative luggage solutions, they have fuelled the wanderlust of millions, cementing their position as a dynamic duo in the travel industry. Showcasing Kohli’s globetrotting lifestyle, their campaigns reverberate the pillars of comfortable travel.



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The premier home design firm Livspace partnered with Virat Kohli, and his wife Anushka Sharma (a sure marketing masterstroke) and they were seen fronting the “Livspace your space” campaign. Yes, the one where he’s scared of the monsters in the cabinet. It’s very cute as a fan to see him flex his acting chops, I tell you.


In 2016, Manyavar, the renowned ethnic wear brand, appointed Virat Kohli as its brand ambassador, in a bid to echo the essence of Indian traditions. Embodying the brand’s commitment to celebrating festivities with their exquisite collections of Indian wear, it was actually the TV advertisement with Anushka that cemented the status of this brand as a fashion mammoth in this country.

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