Skin Fasting: I Took A Break From My Skincare Routine With Surprising Results

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One thing that any beauty writer would strongly recommend is building and sticking to a proper skincare routine. I am no different because it works. P.S. Don’t skip your sunscreen!

Having said that, these have been difficult couple of years for most of us. While we were thrown into a never-dealt-with-before situation with the pandemic and long work-from-home hours, it was the first time we took notice of our crippling mental health that aggravated during these months of isolation. Case in point: skincare wasn’t a priority while it could have been a way to unwind for many.

First things first, skincare is subjective; while it might be a part of my daily routine and more of a habit for me, it could be an extra effort for someone else. If you associate with the latter, believe me, you’re not alone. Let’s also account for the ‘bad days’ when getting out of the bed seems like a struggle, let alone care for serum and sunscreen. If you often find yourself hitting a snooze button on your skincare routine, don’t fret over it because your skin might like some reset time.

Skincare Routine to Skin Fasting – What It Means?

A few months ago, while I was navigating through personal crises, I realised (but much later) that I involuntarily signed up for skin fasting. I stayed without applying any of my skincare products for a week – yes, I survived it – except for washing my face with water in the morning. I was too occupied to bother about results however, days later when I got back to my routine, I noticed that my skin looked brighter and clearer. It was a pleasant surprise because I expected it to be stretchy and dull.

So, what really happened? Unknowingly, I allowed my skin to reset by paring down my skincare products temporarily. It worked for me but does everyone need to try it? For this, let’s understand the science behind skin fasting. When you build a skincare routine and follow it religiously, you start ‘coaching’ your skin on how to behave.

For instance, if you include a chemical exfoliant in your routine, you send out a signal to the skin to speed up its cell turnover. Or if your regular routine includes a hydrating serum, in a way, your skin gets a signal to control its sebum production, which is responsible to keep the skin moisturised naturally, as that need is being met topically. By going on skin fast, you’re breaking the cycle the skin is dependent on to allow it time to get back to its natural being.

How Does Skin Fasting Work?

However, what’s important to note here is that it works differently for the different skin types, especially the ones which have compromised barriers or aggravated skin concerns. If you are dependent on a specifically curated skincare routine to target and tackle an issue, weaning off it may have repercussions on your skin. Also, another important factor to consider here, if you volunteer to try skin fasting, is to gradually eliminate products and not let go of the whole routine at once.

While taking away the additional support of skincare products allow the skin to heal from within, the concept of skin fasting comes with certain terms and conditions. Whether you decide to minimise the use of products, eliminate actives, or forgo the routine completely, there’s no harm in trying skin fasting. Remember to reintroduce the products slowly and keep the sunscreen on especially if you have a field day. To work it out effectively, it’s always recommended to discuss it with your dermatologist.

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