From Bridgerton To Heeramandi, Here Are Our Top 5 Picks of Stunning Set Designs

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Netflix’s Bridgerton has garnered massive attention from fans for its plot, drama, steamy scenes as well as fashion that dates back to the Regency era. But it’s also made viewers experience immersive storytelling through the artistry of set architecture. The pastel floral wallpapers and vintage furniture settings will now always remind me of this show. Similarly, you know it’s a Wes Anderson or Sanjay Leela Bhansali film by its mere visuals and aesthetic. Just like us, if you too are fascinated by the elaborate set designs, here are our picks of the shows that have left a lasting impression.



Dear Gentle Readers, to discuss set design excellence without mentioning the sheer brilliance and artistry of the Bridgerton sets is simply impossible. Production designer Alison Gartshore has swept us off our feet with her extraordinary creations. The vintage furniture, clever use of colours and abundant florals transport us directly to the Regency era. Bridgerton’s fanciful yet meticulously detailed set aesthetic breathes life into the fictional universe, where each character’s story and personality are vividly reflected in their surroundings.

Stranger Things

We can’t overlook the architectural storytelling of the iconic show Stranger Things, which firmly roots its fictional world in the heart of the ’80s. From punk aesthetics and classic diners to retro bikes, the set designer, Chris Trujillo and his team have masterfully captured the soul of the era. The spine-chilling and eerie designs of the “Upside Down” send shivers down viewers’ spines. Whether it’s the infamous Hawkins Laboratory or Will Byers’ house, each location is meticulously crafted and richly detailed, perfectly complementing the show’s vision and narrative.

Squid Game

Is 45.6 billion won really child’s play? Don’t be deceived by the vividly coloured sets of Squid Game—they could cost you your life. Creative set designer Chae Kyoung-sun masterfully evokes a sense of nostalgia laced with unsettling tension. The stacked beds in the sleeping area symbolise players being treated as mere objects while the brightly lit, minimalist waiting space, inspired by Zaha Hadid and Santiago Calatrava, induces unease rather than comfort. These elements brilliantly reflect the show’s narrative and Korean culture, highlighting the life-and-death challenges faced by the characters. Sweet to the eyes but deadly to the soul this set is indeed a roller coaster ride. 


When it comes to designing Bollywood sets, the visionary brilliance of Sanjay Leela Bhansali is unmatched. His latest masterpiece for Netflix, Heeramandi, surpasses all his previous works, boasting the grandest set he’s ever conceived. It took 700 craftsmen and 7 months to bring this colossal vision to life. The set includes the Khwabgaah (quarters), a magnificent white mosque, an expansive courtyard, a dancing hall, water fountains, a colonial-style room, roads, shops, smaller kothas, and a hammam, all showcasing the rich arts, crafts and textiles of the era. This stunning stage and story truly echo Sanjay’s words: “Excellence can be pursued but never accomplished.”

Game Of Thrones/ House Of Dragons


Strap in and tighten your helmets as we dive into the magical world of Westeros, the Seven Kingdoms. Deborah Riley’s meticulously crafted sets for Game of Thrones draw inspiration from Frank Lloyd Wright’s Mayan Revival period and contemporary pop culture, blending classical and bold furniture to create relatable spaces. Meanwhile, Jim Clay’s regal designs for House of the Dragon capture the grandeur of King Viserys’ reign, showcasing the art and mastery of architecture and storytelling. Each set is a testament to the power of design in bringing these epic tales to life.

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