Bridgerton Season 3 Part 2: The Best Moments And Internet’s Reaction To The Show

Bridgerton Season 3

Dear reader, this is your sign to hop on the carriage because Bridgerton Season 3 (part 2) is finally out on Netflix. The fan favourite show is ready to take us on a horse ride to a regency England sans colonialism. This season’s pair is one of the most anticipated ones: the beautiful wallflower Penelope Featherington, played by the stunning Barbie girl Nicola Coughlan, a covert gossip sheet writer, and her lifelong crush, globetrotter Colin Bridgerton, played by charming Luke Newton.

Daily Bridgerton — Since when are you worried about...

The couple is ready to twirl around the ballroom, sip some English tea, and give each other yearning-filled glances from across the hall in quintessential period drama fashion. Swoons!

Spoilers Ahead

As a pop culture writer, I take immense pleasure in saying that I finished this season’s part one in one sitting in my office’s meeting room, labelling this whole situation ‘a research-purpose watchathon’. I am an ardent lover of this period drama and slow-burn genre, especially in this miserable humid climate, which I would love to swap for Jane Austen-worthy weather.

Coming to Bridgerton Season 3’s Penelope, who is like an ultimate comfort character, all she does is yearn for a man with a sharp jawline, a charming accent, and a stiff upper lip who also doesn’t like her in the same way as her while writing long notes in a burn book (been there, felt that).

Daily Bridgerton — Penelope Featherington and Colin...

But things have finally gotten heated, this season. After all the yearnings and tons of hot gazes Polin are finally married and there are lot of new members joining the family. And as every action has an equal reaction, the internet is flooded with their humorous and relatable reactions to Bridgerton Season 3’s spicy, comforting, and funny scenes from the show.

And as our duty, we must serve some of the best from the ocean.

Colin Standing Up For Penelope

This was long due that someone finally took our girl’s side and made her believe she is worth the love and respect like others.

The Heated Moment

Things got quite hot this season and the fifth episode was serve for everyone who was waiting for some action (ahem ahem.) And can we talk about these lines which surely gave me butterflies.

Church Dance

There’s one thing everyone would expect from Bridgerton Season 3 is some good dance sequences and they truly delivered.

You Belong With Me Moment

Who doesn’t love the Bridgerton soundtrack and this time we were blessed with another iconic Taylor Swift banger in a violin tune from the Fearless album.

The Confession

Hello sir, you can say stuff like this think we will be okay. Where can I find a Colin for myself?

More of Kate and Anthony

This was for all the season 2 lovers who wanted a glimpse of their favourite couple being all cuddly and cosy.

The Wedding

Let’s take a moment and appreciate this beautiful wedding scene in the Bridgerton Season 3.

Happy Pride Folks

Without spoiling much for you guys, both Francesca and Benedict surely celebrated Pride this season.

Benedict’s Time Is Coming

And finally we are finally heading towards Benedict’s season and we can’t keep calm.

Also, here are some of our favourite reactions from the internet.

Scroll for part 1 reaction and review:

The Opening Credits And The Songs

This time Netflix planted some weeds and flowers to their signature tudum, which deserves a special mention. Plus the mesmerising orchestral versions of Dynamite by BTS, Happier Than Ever by Billie Eilish and more.

Kate and Anthony

Even though this Bridgerton Season 3 is all about Polin, the fans couldn’t help but scream while watching Kate and Anthony make little appearances in the first few episodes. It’s been almost two years since we witnessed their romance on our screens.

Also, please notice those paisley motifs on his waistcoat; the man is fully blended into his lady’s culture.

Penelope’s Makeover

We all know citrus yellow is her colour, but her little fashion transformation in this gorgeous green gown was for all the eyes at the ball and a fashion highlight of Bridgerton Season 3. 

Even Mr. Colin couldn’t help but take a double look at our Lady Whistledown.

Polin’s Precious Friendship

As someone famously said in Bollywood, ‘Love is friendship’. This couple truly lived it. There are so many adorable moments of their friendship that made fans go all mushy.

First Kiss

The part gave me flashbacks of Drew Barrymore’s Never Been Kissed. Penelope asking Colin to kiss her because she doesn’t want to die unkissed was too real for some viewers.

Francesca and John

During all these heated moments in Bridgerton Season 3, let’s not forget the diamond of the season and another sibling, Francesca, who finally found someone to play her piano tunes with. These two are adorable pairing, giving lots of first-love energy.

Justice For Benedict Bridgerton

This was a little letdown for the fans who wanted to see progress in his story, but we are still crossing our fingers for the Bridgerton Season 3 part two, which will be out on June 13.

The Final Confession

If I tell you I was on the edge of my seat for this part, I am kidding. The amount of anxiety in this specific scene made me want to melt in my chair. And looking at the internet, I wasn’t alone. Scroll down to see some of the funniest reactions to it.

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