Vaani Kapoor Spills The Beans On The Secret To Her Lustrous Locks


So, here’s a quick synopsis of our conversations with our nan (I am sure you agree). While I sit here subjecting my hair to some hair drying and the heated plates of a straightener, nan does a walk around, picking my hair up in her hands and states that hair oiling was essentially the panacea to all of our beauty woes. Dry hair? Frizzy hair? Roll some oil onto your scalp, and there you have it: a healthier, nourished scalp. There’s nothing quite like an ancient beauty regimen in this day and age, the one that has stood the test of time. With so many modern-day alternatives that purport to be a magic fix for your hair needs, sometimes you want to turn to what you know. The next time your tresses need some nourishment, turn to Brillare, one of the fastest growing new-age brand in the personal care space. The brand has now signed on Vaani Kapoor as the brand ambassador for their all natural hair oil range. With the aim to reinstate the importance of age-old concept of hair oiling, the #HairOnHigh campaign showcases the promising star – Vaani’s healthy hair after using the Brillare products.

Vaani Kapoor, celebrity and Brillare brand ambassador said, “The wide range of products available in the personal care segment confuses consumers in differentiating between natural and synthetic products. I am happy to be the face of Brillare, a home grown brand that is making it easier for consumers to choose 100% natural products with zero dilution promise. With a hectic work life and continuously changing schedules, I have always preferred natural products for my hair care regime and Brillare’s science backed products made with thoroughly researched formulations is something I deeply resonate with.” 

With its science-backed range of hair care products, Brillare offers an innovative concept of Oil Shots with powerful blend of rich active oils. Further, it also offers real Mahabhringraj Oil as holistic oil to fight hair fall, dandruff & dry hair all at once after completing Oils Shots ritual. All Brillare products are 100% vegan & natural with proven, dermatology-grade efficacy.   

Hair Fall Control Oil Shots: A potent oil mixture that addresses our hair fall concerns during the season. The main ingredients include onion extracts, which contain sulfur and aid in hair development, caffeine, which stimulates blood circulation, and basil, which helps reduce excessive scalp secretion. Hair fall control oil shots are a complete solution for effective hair fall treatment in 15 days. I think my nan would approve.

Heavy Moisturising Oil Shots: An effective oil blend to restore hydration in dry and frizzy hairs. It is a powerful oil blend with key actives like argan oil that improves hair elasticity and youthfulness, shea butter that is filled with vitamin E that provides long-lasting moisturisation and nourishment, and soy proteins that contain amino acids that repair hair shaft and control hair breakage. If you’re waking up with a lot of dryness and your hair is creating static with your comb, these oil shots are ideal. 

Dandruff Control Oil Shots: These oil shots treat dry flakes and irritated scalp. It contains powerful ingredients like celery oil which is rich in vitamin a and regulates scalp oil secretion, neem, an age-old ingredient with proven antimicrobial properties which help with scalp irritation, and tea tree extracts and tea tree oil helps with reducing the scalp oil and bacterial build up. These shots are recommended products for dandruff control in 15 days. Both my mom and my nan swear by the benefits of neem, so I know that it works wonderfully against pesky dandruff.

Commenting on the association with Vaani Kapoor, Jigar Patel, CEO of Brillare said, “Brillare is constantly challenging the status quo by creating innovative products that are made with real natural ingredients. We are the first zero dilution, all natural brand in India to provide dermatology grade results without chemical abuse. With #HairOnHigh campaign, we would like to create a strong connect with millennial audience in the language that they would strongly resonate. The brand plans an aggressive growth in the coming year. Vaani Kapoor fits perfectly well with the brands ethos & her persona augurs positively with Brillare consumers providing both, credibility and salience to the brand.”

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All Brillare products are 100% vegan and natural with proven, dermatology-grade efficacy. Tailored for the new age-conscious generation, these shots provide a natural healing experience with a visible difference in just 15 days.

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