Budget-Friendly Valentines Day Gifting Options From House Of Beauty

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While Valentine’s Day brings with it a lot of excitement, it is also followed by a lot of nerves, we quite understand that it can be an arduous task to find an ideal gift for your beau. Do you plan to pamper your special someone, with a little extra something this Valentine’s day? House of Beauty has you covered with some gifting options that won’t break the bank.

While the conventional manner of celebrating Valentine’s Day would entail a bouquet of roses and a box of chocolates, that’s kind of done and dusted. This year’s Valentine’s Day calls for some self-care; after all, you know your sweetheart deserves it. There’s a perfect gift idea for every valentine or Galentine in your life—whether it’s your heart-shaped like a gua sha kit or a thoughtfully curated skincare range—within budget, of course! House of Beauty India is offering a 25% discount site-wide from 6th Feb to 14th Feb. Get your cart ready and shop for Face Yoga tools and skincare essentials this Valentine’s Day. 

1. #Extravagant Gift option – A fancy pair of Ice globes

What better than a Cryo facial massage on valentine’s day? A facial massage with indulgent House of Beauty Ice Globes is a relaxing and cooling experience that stimulates better blood circulation and oxygenation to the skin. It will also assist in shrinking open pores, thus heal and renew skin.

Actual Price – Rs. 3699, Rs. 2,775 (Special Valentine price)

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2. #Thrifty option- Give your heart out with a House of Beauty Rose Quartz Guasha

This stunning stone is more than just aesthetics- it is designed to provide a relaxing facial massage, whilst promoting skin cell turnover and healthy circulation. It is a perfect kit for sculpting, helping you achieve the perfect Jawline and chisel those cheekbones you always desired. 

Actual Price – Rs. 2200, Rs. 1,650 Special Valentine price 

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3. Take his pain away with House of Beauty Body Sculptor

Indulge him in a neck and shoulder massage with House of beauty India’s 3D Sculptor that allows you to have a deeper much more intense massage. Maximise the benefit of the massage and the relaxation he will receive from it, even better if you give it to him! 

Actual Price – Rs.1500, Rs. 1,125 Special Valentine Price

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4. Charm her the  Electric Rose Quartz Roller way!

When you want to gift something pink for but want to floor her at the same time. Comes with a bottle full of hydration from Hyaluronic serum, this Electric rose quartz roller kits are perfect for facial massage with benefits like improved blood circulation, under eye hydration, tightening & toning of skin. Just glide it across to reduce stress & anxiety, giving a peaceful & calm state of mind.

Actual Price – Rs. 4000, Rs. 3000 Special Valentine Price 

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5. Win him over with House of Beauty Black Obsidian roller

Black Obsidian Face Roller is an ancient wellness tool designed to gently massage your face to stimulate the lymphatic drainage beneath the skin layers, increase micro-circulation & reduce puffiness. The Black Obsidian stone aids in bringing calmness and giving you healthy looking skin. A perfect Facetool for his vanity. 

Actual Price –  Rs. 3100, Rs. 2,326 Special Valentine Price

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6. Skin care for men? (Yes it’s a thing)

A Multi-vitamin night cream specifically made for an Indian uneven skin tone. It helps skin overcome wrinkles, tiredness, discoloration, or ageing in general.

House of Beauty India Nourish night cream is for both for men & women. It is formulated with super ingredient “Revinage*”, a safe and effective plant-based alternative to retinol. Win him over with moisturisation!

Price – Rs. 1499, Rs. 1,125 Special Valentine Price

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Check their range of products at houseofbeautyindia.com


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