Here’s Why Calendula Is An Evergreen Skincare Ingredient

At the rate with which new skincare ingredients are hitting the shelves these days, we imagine none will be making a comeback. You just have to ride the wave while you can. But some might just be above these trends. We’re talking about calendula. A natural oil derived from the leaves, petals, and seeds of the beautiful orange flower, the pot marigold, calendula extract has been known for decades for its anti-inflammatory and soothing properties. And even with tons of new ingredients making waves the world over, calendula has not lost its value and reputation as a skin healer. If anything, it has been spotted in newer products once again. So, what’s so wonderful about this evergreen ingredient?

This botanical ingredient is packed with flavonoids, carotenoids, polyphenols, saponins and vitamin E that come together to provide antibacterial and skin-clarifying benefits. Its key component flavonoids provide a soothing effect that calms irritated skin. We spoke with Delhi-based expert Dr Anika Goel, MD dermatologist & founder, Soul Derma Clinic to get her thoughts on why calendula is finding fame once again, despite not being a sexy new ingredient. She says, “If a skincare ingredient is mild and yet has the potential to help with so many aspects of skin and health without side effects, I believe it will never lose its charm. It’s very rare to find ingredients that can be soothing but actively improve the skin at the same time.”

Benefits Of Calming Calendula

Calendula has been used medicinally for many years. It’s a herb with an array of properties, making it very versatile. It has anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant benefits. Its natural anti-inflammatory properties aid in the healing of minor wounds, scars, and marks. “The flavonoids, carotenoids and volatile oils present in this herb help in increasing blood supply to the wound, and provide anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory action to promote accelerated wound healing,” says Dr Anika. She also adds, “The flavonoids in it help reduce the proliferation of acne-causing bacteria. It has also been used in psoriasis, acne and eczema.”

When it comes to skin types that can benefit from calendula, she points out that due to its properties, it works well for all skin types, however, it also depends on the formulation. Because calendula is available in many different formulations and products, she recommends picking one according to your concern. “For example, if someone is acne prone, I would recommend a gel form over oil or cream. Similarly, someone with eczema and psoriasis may prefer and benefit more from the cream and oil form,” says Dr Anika. If you’re looking to reap this botanical ingredient’s many benefits, here are some calendula-based products you can try…

Kiehl’s Calendula Herbal Extract Alcohol-Free Toner

An effective pore-tightening toner for oily and normal skin, this specific product has been a customer favourite from the brand since the 1960s. See what we mean when we say calendula has been a long-standing ingredient? This gentle, alcohol-free facial toner soothes the skin without drying it, cleanses and purifies skin for a refreshed look and gives it a healthy glow. It is infused with calendula flower petals, burdock root extract, and allantoin to smoothen the skin

The Face Shop Calendula Essential Moisture Cream

Part of the calendula range from this K-beauty brand, this botanical complex formula hydrates and nourishes skin, replenishing it with moisture to relieve dry, rough or sensitive skin, and acne scars. It also regulates the skin’s oil secretion and is suitable for all skin types.

Neal’s Yard Remedies Calendula Cleanser

A certified-organic, gentle cream cleanser, this one washes away make-up and impurities of the day to leave the face feeling fresh and clean. Ideal for dry and sensitive skin types, the blend of organic calendula and jojoba is enriched with natural skin-conditioning botanical oils to soften and soothe.

RAS Luxury Oils Deep Nourish Calendula And Shea Butter Balm

This multipurpose balm-textured moisturiser helps soften dry, cracked skin, heals rashes, scars, inflammation and wounds, and moisturises hair, skin and nails. A rich buttery blend, it is infused with extracts of calendula & hibiscus to tone, repair and rejuvenate skin while oils such as rosehip and avocado help reduce pigmentation, marks and scars by healing skin.

ONE THING Calendula Officinalis Flower Extract

With 95% calendula flower extract, this toner helps add moisture to the skin, provide antibacterial properties, and heals and soothes dry or sensitive skin. It helps with cell regeneration and healing wounded areas of the skin faster. It can also be used to soothe skin after shaving. This multipurpose, watery extract is in concentrated form and can be used as a toner or mixed in with other products to boost your skincare routine such as in a mist, moisturiser, or a homemade mask.

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