Calling All Homegrown Indian Fashion and Lifestyle Brands! Soar to Success with Myntra’s Rising STARS Program

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Attention, homegrown fashion and lifestyle entrepreneurs! Your business may have an uncanny pulse on the latest fashion trends and lifestyle aspirations, but here’s the burning question: What if there’s a single “push” that can catapult your brand to extraordinary heights? Well, the answer lies within Myntra’s Rising STARS program, the coveted opportunity that has been eluding you. As a homegrown brand, this is your golden ticket to unlocking the boundless potential of your trendsetting empire and immersing yourself in a lifestyle-driven revolution. 

Dedicated to strengthening the homegrown Indian fashion and lifestyle ecosystem, Myntra aims to onboard 200 digital-first, made-in-India brands in the debut edition of the Rising Stars program over the next four months. The program provides comprehensive end-to-end support services, offering unparalleled guidance, extensive visibility, and strategic partnerships to fuel your brand’s success in the fashion and lifestyle universe.

Image Courtesy – The Souled Store

Igniting the Homegrown Fashion Ecosystem

With a mission to empower entrepreneurs, this program aims to bolster the Indian fashion landscape. Whether you’re an established name or an emerging force, Myntra’s Rising STARS program is designed to propel your brand forward. They’re looking for fashion and lifestyle brands that have that special spark, including factors like size of the brand, social media followership, and the uniqueness of your product proposition. The Rising STARS program promises to curate a constellation of homegrown brilliance, showcasing the diverse creativity and talent of Indian entrepreneurs.

Unlocking Your Growth Potential

But it’s not just about being shortlisted; it’s about supercharging your growth potential. Myntra Rising STARS offers an opportunity to solve some of the challenges you may be facing. They’ll help you expand your customer base and achieve the scale you dream of. With their proven expertise, they’ll give you the tools to unlock new opportunities, enable optimising business costs and customer acquisition cost and help your brand reach millions of customers on their much-loved platform.

Image Courtesy – Rareism

Guiding Your Journey

Think of Myntra as your strategic partner on this exciting journey. They provide dedicated strategic account management consultations, where you can tap into their wealth of knowledge and gain valuable insights tailored to your brand’s unique needs. They understand the ever-changing fashion landscape, and they’re here to guide you with confidence and clarity.

One thing you’ll love about the Rising STARS program is how it simplifies your entrepreneurial path. Myntra takes care of the nitty-gritty, so you can focus on what you do best: crafting exceptional products and delivering remarkable experiences to customers. They streamline operations, simplify logistics, and provide working capital support. They’ve got your back, making it easier for you to shine.

Amplifying Your Brand Identity

Rising STARS offers a platform to amplify your brand identity and reach a wider audience. Through immersive discovery experiences, you can build awareness, engage new customers, and create lasting connections. Collaborations with Myntra across campaigns, both on and off the platform, means you can tap into social, celebrity, and influencer assets, expanding your reach and driving higher engagement. You can also look into using their innovative video platforms like Myntra Minis and Myntra Studio which enables you to showcase trends, collections, and captivating content, catching the eyes and hearts of your customers. 

Image Courtesy – Suta

Showcasing Homegrown Brilliance

Among many other visibility driving initiatives, the recently launched Rising STARS Store on Myntra will serve as a coveted stage for homegrown Indian fashion and lifestyle brands. As India’s online shopper base continues to grow, Myntra’s compelling program aims to drive the growth of the homegrown D2C fashion and market, estimated to reach $43.2 billion in India. Imagine this: over 3 lakh styles from exceptional brands like Neemans, Suta, Rare Rabbit, Label Life, BlissClub, Fablestreet, The Souled Store, and Bewakoof are being showcased as a part of this store.

Image Courtesy – Rare Rabbit

Myntra Rising Stars is an open opportunity where your brand can take center stage too. 

With Myntra as your partner, you can unlock your growth potential, expand your customer base, and soar to new heights in the fashion industry. It’s a collaboration that will redefine the Indian fashion and lifestyle scene with an extraordinary fusion of trends and experiences. Join the ranks of India’s brightest stars and be a part of this homegrown revolution. Apply now on the Myntra Seller Page and embark on a transformative journey towards unparalleled success 


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