Canali Unveils A Captivating Spring Summer ’25 Collection That Transports You To A Lakeside Haven

Amid a bustling life filled with endless tasks and responsibilities, there’s a quiet yearning for the serene embrace of nature, where the gentle lapping of water against the shore and the rustling leaves in the breeze provide a much-needed respite. For me, such lakeside retreats have always been a sanctuary—a place to unwind, to savour the beauty of stillness, and to reconnect with myself away from the urban chaos.

It is this very essence of tranquillity and refined relaxation that Canali captures in their Spring Summer 2025 collection, ‘Lakeside View,’ a display that evokes the serene elegance of lakeside retreats and peaceful moments spent in nature. It also embodies the brand’s commitment to authenticity, capturing the spirit of leisurely sophistication.

The Lakeside View collection is a testament to the brand’s dedication to refined craftsmanship and timeless design. Each piece is fashioned with ease of wear and versatility in mind, seamlessly transitioning from casual strolls on the dock to elegant dinners by the shore. The gentle tones and soft approach reflect a mindful evolution, staying true to Canali’s storied heritage while embracing contemporary sensibilities.

At the heart of the collection lies the precision of tailoring, a hallmark of Canali’s design philosophy. The garments are crafted with an artisanal finesse that extends beyond formalwear to include blousons and field jackets, imbuing each piece with a relaxed yet refined spirit.

The unlined, double-faced garments, with their invisible seams and delicate details, exemplify Canali’s mastery of tailoring. This season, these garments are rendered in light wool and striped linens with leather accents, reminiscent of the understated luxury of a lakeside mansion.

Materiality is imperative for the brand, with tactile fabrics evoking subtle sensuality. Featuring diverse knits and evening wear in cream and grey, the collection includes fine wool, textured linen, Nappa leather, and silk in a breezy palette. Accessories like raffia caps, bucket hats, sneakers, slip-ons, sandals, and cross-body bags complete the collection, embodying Canali’s ethos of gentility.

Canali’s commitment to practicality is evident in the weightless fabrics and thoughtful design details that enhance the wearer’s experience. The collection celebrates Italian craftsmanship and lifestyle, emphasising the lighthearted appreciation of beauty, from exquisite clothing to the serene landscapes that inspire it.

This season, Canali not only presents a new collection but also marks a significant milestone in its illustrious history. Celebrating its 90th anniversary, Canali began the year with a grand celebration at the historic Palazzo Reale in Milan. This unforgettable event honoured the brand’s rich heritage while looking forward to a future of innovation and excellence.

As Canali steps into its 90th year, the brand continues to captivate with its unwavering dedication to authenticity, elegance, and the distinctive identity that has defined it for nearly a century. The Lakeside View collection is a beautiful reflection of Canali’s journey, capturing the essence of a truly Italian lifestyle.

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